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Productores de Música de España, a.k.a. PROMUSICAE (Productores de Música de España, eng: Music Producers in Spain) is a trade group representing the Spanish recording industry. It is the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry group for Spain.

Since April 30, 2003, Antonio Guisasola is the president of PROMUSICAE, replacing Carlos Grande.



The charts are calculated once every week on Sundays. They are based on retail music sales within Spainmarker for the week from the preceding Saturday to the Friday prior to calculation. The new charts are usually uploaded to the official PROMUSICAE website on Sunday night Spanish continental time.

PROMUSICAE provides the following charts:

  • Top 50 songs
  • Top 100 Albums chart
  • Top 20 compilations chart
  • Top 20 DVD Chart
  • Airplay Chart


PROMUSICAE is in charge of the music recording sales certification in Spain. It certifies gold, platinum, and diamond recordings, according to the sales.

According to PROMUSICAE, a music album that has shipped a minimum of 30,000 copies to music retailers can be certified Gold, and shippings of over 60,000 copies can be certified Platinum.

Currently, download singles have much more importance than physical singles. In 2006 only one physical single was certified with sales of over 11,000.

Since January 2009, the physical singles chart is not compiled by PROMUSICAE anymore. It has been replaced by the official Spanish Top 50 Songs (Canciones Top 50) including physical single sales, downloads and ringtones in just one chart due to the very low sales of physical singles in favour of the downloads.The new certification levels are 20,000 copies sold for Gold and 40,000 copies sold for Platinum.

Fonograma Gold Platinum
Album 30.000 60.000
Single 20.000 40.000


As a member of IFPI, one of the main missions of Promusicae is lobbying for tougher intellectual property laws and fighting music piracy.

Promusicae has monitored P2P networks gathering data about its users downloading music. In April 2005, Promusicae claimed that they were monitoring the Kazaa P2P network and they had sent "messages" containing warnings and legal threats to more than 10.000 users In early 2008, Promusicae started a judicial process against Telefónica, the biggest Spanish Internet service provider, demanding that personal data of Kazaa users they monitored should be handed over to Promusicae, so they can start suing them. The Promusicae v. Telefónica case continued until the European Court of Justice, who sentenced that Telefónica has no obligation of handing user data over to Promusicae.

In June 2008, Promusicae sued Pablo Soto, developer of Manolito P2P, Blubster and Piolet. Promusicae claimed that Pablo Soto was doing unfair competition and demanded 13 million euros in damages.

Promusicae is one of the founders of La Coalición de Creadores e Industrias de Contenidos, a group of companies whose mission is changing Spanish law to be able to prosecute file-sharing.

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