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The Province of Cremona (Italian:Provincia di Cremona) is a province in the Lombardy region of Italymarker. Its capital is the city of Cremonamarker.

The province has an area of 1,771 kmĀ² and a population of 358,628 (2008 census); communes number 115 (source: Italian institute of statistics Istat[88740]).The river Pomarker, which is the longest Italian river, is the natural boundary with the nearby Province of Piacenzamarker, while the river Ogliomarker separates the province of Cremona with that of Bresciamarker.

The province occupies the central section of Padana Plain, so the whole territory is flat, without any mountain or hill, crossed both by several rivers (like Seriomarker and Addamarker) and artificial canals, most of them used for irrigation.

Main communes

As for May 2005, the main communes by populations are.
Commune Population
Cremonamarker 52,413
Cremamarker 31,471
Casalmaggioremarker 14,078
Castelleonemarker 9,490
Soresinamarker 9,377
Rivolta d'Addamarker 8,115
Soncinomarker 7,581
Pandinomarker 7,345
Pizzighettonemarker 6,956
Spino d'Addamarker 6,948
Offanengomarker 5,798
Castelverdemarker 5,542

Economy and culture

The principal economic resource of Cremona Province is agriculture (mainly maize (corn), locally called Melegot, and barley, but also soya and sugar beets). Industry is quite developed, mostly in the northern zone, near Crema, where there are textiles, chemical, and mechanical factories.

Not only the city of Cremona, but also its surrounding area, are famous for their food specialities, such as nougat (It. torrone) and mustard.

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