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The Province of Naples (Italian: Provincia di Napoli, Napulitano: Pruvincia 'e Nàpule) is a province in the Campania region of Italymarker. Its capital city is Naplesmarker, within the province there are 92 Comuni of the Province of Naples.


The Province of Naples is the most densely populated in Italy. At the 2001 census the six most densely populated comuni in Italy (Porticimarker, Casavatoremarker, San Giorgio a Cremanomarker, Melito di Napolimarker, Naplesmarker, and Arzanomarker) were all located in the province, as were 11 of the top 15. It has an area of 1,171.13 km², and a total population of 3,092,859.

Main Comunes Population
Naples 983,797
Giugliano in Campaniamarker 108,492
Torre del Grecomarker 88,540
Pozzuolimarker 82,503
Casoriamarker 81,871
Castellammare di Stabiamarker 65,794
Afragolamarker 63,483
Marano di Napolimarker 58,978
Porticimarker 57,062
Ercolanomarker 55,310
Torre Annunziatamarker 48,720


The area is particularly fruitful for tourism, both Italians and foreigners spend vacations in the province. Pompeiimarker, the excavated Roman city which was destroyed by Mount Vesuviusmarker in 79 AD is among the most popular destinations in all of Italy.

Three islands in the Gulf of Naplesmarker are also prominent destinations; Ischiamarker, Procidamarker and Caprimarker. On Capri, there is the famous Blue Grotto; inside the grotto the sea seems to be lit from underwater, it is a magnificent blue colour, hence its name.

The Sorrentine Peninsula (and its main town Sorrentomarker) has long being a popular destination for tourism, it is well known for the drink Limoncello and its luxurious sea cliffs. It is rich with villas, castles, guard towers, churches, and in Vico Equensemarker ancient farmhouses.


The most popular sport in the province is football, this area was one of the first in Southern Italy to start playing sports, when English sailors brought them in during the early 1900s. The most successful club from the province are by far SSC Napoli, who have won Serie A (the Italian Championship) twice and the UEFA Cup while Diego Maradona was with the club.

At present there are five professional football clubs playing within the Italian leagues from the province; in Serie A there is SSC Napoli, in Serie C1 there is both Juve Stabia and Sorrento, while in Serie C2 the province is represented by SSC Giugliano and Sporting Neapolis.


Province of Naples is represented by the coat of arms on an antique gold ("oro antico") field.


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