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The Province of Westphalia ( ) was a province of the Kingdom of Prussiamarker and the Free State of Prussiamarker from 1815-1946.


Napoleon Bonaparte founded the Kingdom of Westphaliamarker, which was a client state of the First French Empire from 1807-13. This state only shared the name with the historical region, containing mostly Hessianmarker and Eastphalian regions and only a relatively small part of the region of Westphalia.

Although Prussia had long owned territory in Westphalia, King Frederick William III had preferred to incorporate the Kingdom of Saxonymarker first. It was not until the Congress of Vienna in 1815 that the Province of Westphalia came into being. The province was formed from several different territories:

In 1816, the district of Essenmarker was transferred to the Rhine Provincemarker.


:18 % agriculture
:59 % industry
:11 % trade

After World War II

After the end of World War II, the province was merged with the northern half of the Rhine Province to form the Germanmarker state of North Rhine-Westphaliamarker in 1946, with the addition of the former state of Lippemarker in 1947.


Map of the Province of Westphalia (1905)

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