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The province ( or ) is the highest tier of local government subnational entity in Indonesiamarker. Each province has its own local government, headed by a governor, and has its own legislative body. The governor and member of local representatives are elected by popular vote for five-year terms.

Currently, Indonesia consists of 33 provinces, seven of which have been created since 2000 and five provinces received special status: Acehmarker, Yogyakarta Special Regionmarker, Papuamarker, West Papuamarker and Jakarta Special Capital Regionmarker. Provinces are further divided into regencies ( ) and cities.

The provinces are officially grouped into seven Geographical units.

Provinces of Indonesia


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Province map of Indonesia
Area (kmĀ²)
Geographical unit
Balimarker ID-BA Denpasarmarker 3,150,000 5,633 Nusa Tenggaramarker
Bangka-Belitungmarker ID-BB Pangkal Pinangmarker 1,300,000 18,725 Sumatramarker
Bantenmarker ID-BT Serangmarker 9,083,114 9,161 Javamarker
Bengkulumarker ID-BE Bengkulumarker 1,564,000 21,168 Sumatramarker
Central Javamarker ID-JT Semarangmarker 31,820,000 32,548 Javamarker
Central Kalimantan ID-KT Palangkarayamarker 1,912,747 153,564 Kalimantan
Central Sulawesimarker ID-ST Palumarker 1,820,000 68,089 Sulawesimarker
East Java ID-JI Surabayamarker 34,766,000 47,922 Javamarker
East Kalimantan marker ID-KI Samarindamarker 2,750,369 245,238 Kalimantan
East Nusa Tenggara ID-NT Kupangmarker 4,260,294 47,876 Nusa Tenggaramarker
Gorontalomarker ID-GO Gorontalomarker 830,200 12,215 Sulawesimarker
Jakarta Special Capital Regionmarker ID-JK Jakartamarker 8,389,443 750 National capitaldirectly administered Javamarker
Jambimarker ID-JA Jambimarker 2,742,196 53,436 Sumatramarker
Lampungmarker ID-LA Bandar Lampungmarker 6,731,000 35,376 Sumatramarker
Maluku ID-MA Ambonmarker 1,266,000 46,975 Maluku Islandsmarker
Aceh marker ID-AC Banda Acehmarker 3,930,000 57,366 Special region Sumatramarker
North Maluku ID-MU Ternatemarker 890,000 30,895 Maluku Islandsmarker
North Sulawesimarker ID-SA Manadomarker 2,154,234 15,364 Sulawesimarker
North Sumatramarker ID-SU Medanmarker 11,642,000 71,680 Sumatramarker
Papuamarker ID-PA Jayapuramarker 1,994,531 421,981 Special region Western New Guineamarker
Riaumarker ID-RI Pekanbarumarker 4,948,000 82,232 Sumatramarker
Riau Islandsmarker ID-KR Tanjung Pinangmarker 1,198,526 21,992 Sumatramarker
South East Sulawesimarker ID-SG Kendarimarker 1,771,951 38,140 Sulawesimarker
South Kalimantan marker ID-KS Banjarmasinmarker 3,054,129 36,985 Kalimantan
South Sulawesimarker ID-SN Makassarmarker 7,497,701 72,781 Sulawesimarker
South Sumatramarker ID-SS Palembangmarker 6,900,000 53,436 Sumatramarker
West Javamarker ID-JB Bandungmarker 35,724,000 34,817 Javamarker
West Kalimantan marker ID-KB Pontianakmarker 4,073,304 146,807 Kalimantan
West Nusa Tenggara ID-NB Matarammarker 4,015,102 19,709 Nusa Tenggaramarker
West Papuamarker ID-IJ Manokwarimarker 800,000 115,364 Special region Western New Guineamarker
West Sulawesi ID-SR Mamujumarker 938,254 16,796 Sulawesimarker
West Sumatramarker ID-SB Padangmarker 4,241,000 42,297 Sumatramarker
Yogyakarta Special Regionmarker ID-YO Yogyakartamarker 3,121,000 3,186 Special region (sultanate) Javamarker

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