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Punjab was a province of British India, it was one of the last areas of the Indian subcontinent to fall under British rule. With the end of British rule in 1947 the province was split between Indiamarker and Pakistanmarker. It comprised the present day areas of:


The word Punjab is named from the "five rivers" by which it is watered: the Jhelummarker, Chenabmarker, Ravimarker, Beas and Sutlejmarker, all tributaries of the Indusmarker.


Geographically the Punjab province of India was a triangular tract of country of which the Indusmarker and the Sutlej to their confluence formed the two sides, the base being the lower Himalaya hills between those two rivers; but the British province also included a large tract outside those boundaries. Along the northern border Himalayan ranges divided it from Kashmirmarker and Tibet. On the west it was separated from the North-West Frontier Provincemarker by the Indus, until that river reaches the border of Dera Ghazi Khan Districtmarker, which was divided from Baluchistanmarker by the Sulaiman Rangemarker. To the south lay Sindhmarker and Rajputana, while on the east the rivers Jumnamarker and Tonsmarker separated it from the United Provinces.

The province included the important city of Lahoremarker.


On 21 February 1849 the Sikhs were defeated at the battle of Gujrat by the British, the victory of the British allowed them to take over the Punjab. Punjab was annexed on the 2nd of April 1849 and became part of British India.

In 1901 the frontier districts beyond the Indus were separated from Punjab and made into a new province - the North-West Frontier Provincemarker.


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