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Kapi olani, Queen Consort of Hawai i (December 31, 1834 – June 24, 1899) formally Esther Julia Kapi olani or Esther Julia Kapi olani Napelakapuokaka e, was married to King David Kalākaua and reigned as Queen Consort of the Kingdom of Hawai i.

She was the granddaughter of Kaumuali i, the last king of the island of Kaua imarker before being ceded to the unified Hawaiian Islands governed by Kamehameha the Great. She was also the stepdaughter of Queen Regent Ka ahumanu. Her first marriage was to High Chief Benjamin Namakehaokalani or sometimes called Bennet Namakeha. He was a son of Keali imaika i, brother of Kamehameha the Great. He was 35 years older than Kapi olani. He was uncle of Queen Emma on her father George Naea's side. This made her the widowed aunt of Queen Emma. Ali i Kapi olani was the caretaker of Haku O Hawai i, Prince Albert, baby of Kamehameha IV and Queen Emma. At the death of four year old Prince Albert, Ali i Kapi olani writes of her great grief and self-blame over the baby's death to Queen Emma. Queen Emma tells Ali i Kapi olani that the child was as Kapi olani's own, there could be no blame for one who loved the Prince so well.

Ali i Kapi olani married Kalākaua in a quiet ceremony due to respect for the passing of Kamehameha IV. She and Kalākaua were childless so she and her sister Po omaikelani hanaied (adopted) their sister Victoria Kinoiki Kekaulike's three sons. Kapi olani took David and Jonah and Poomaikelani took Edward. David established the House of Kawananakoa which would eventually succeed the House of Kalākaua.

In 1887, Queen Kapi olani traveled to Londonmarker to attend Queen Victoria's 50th Jubilee celebration. Princess Lili uokalani, King Kalākaua's sister traveled with Queen Kapi olani. The Hawaiian Royal family were treated as dignitaries, and were seated with the British Royal family in the front of Westminster Abbeymarker.

Queen Kapi olani established the Kapi olani Maternity Home, where Hawaiian mothers could receive care, as well as their newborn babies. It survives today as the Kapi olani Medical Center. Kapi'olani Park in Waikiki was named after the Queen by her husband, Mo'i (King) Kalākaua. One of her noted compositions to Hawaiian music was a love song she wrote for the Mo'i, her husband, Ka Ipo Lei Manu. The Mo'i died in San Franciscomarker before he could hear the musical composition from his Queen. After missionaries arrived in Hawai i, between 1820 and 1840, a law was passed requiring all Hawaiian people to have an English first name.Kapi olani had the name Julia as her first name. In Hawaiian, Julia is "Kulia"; therefore, the beginning of her personal motto, "Kulia I Ka Nuu"; "Strive for the Highest".


Shortly after the death of her beloved husband, Mo'i Kalākaua, Queen Kapi olani retired to her home in Waikīkī, dying there at age 64.


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