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For information about actual quintuplets, see multiple birth.
For the South Park episode, see Quintuplets 2000.
Quintuplets is a sitcom that aired twenty-two episodes on FOX from June 16, 2004 through January 12, 2005. The program starred Andy Richter and Rebecca Creskoff as parents of a family of quintuplets and their various adventures in parenthood.

The story is set in Nutley, New Jerseymarker, and is on the face of it a typical family sitcom. Much of the storyline focuses on the difficulty of supporting a large family of teens, both financially and emotionally, as they grapple with the reality that, grown up, they simply aren't as cute and interesting as they were when they were born.

The house is a typical three-bedroom family home. The male quints share a room with bunk beds, the female quints share another room. The kitchen contains a double wide beer cooler as a refrigerator, and the basement contains a walk-in freezer, both to store the large amounts of food such a large family requires. The situation may be seen to parallel and parody the old sitcom The Brady Bunch, by highlighting the impracticality of the large family.

The theme song, "Suk or Shine," was performed by Chris and Tad.

Episode Guide


The Chase Family

  • Bob Chase (played by Andy Richter) - The father, works for an ad agency, and barely makes enough money to support the large family. Most of his time is spent trying to save money, and only occasionally provide parenting for his five teen children, but he'd prefer to get away whenever he has the chance. Bob is deathly allergic to lobsters.
  • Carol Chase (played by Rebecca Creskoff) - The mother. Maintaining the large family and house requires her to be a typical sitcom housewife. She often appears tired and haggard, but provides most of the parenting for the quints, and serves as the voice of reason when Bob gets too heavy handed.
  • Parker Chase (played by Jake McDorman) - The popular boy. Tallest of the children, good-looking, successful in academics, sports, and attractive. He tends to speak for all the quintuplets when they need to present a united front to their parents. Parker took ballet classes when he was younger, but he gave up when he was twelve. He is also allergic to cats and ragweed. Compared with the other brothers, Parker is the most normal, because according to Patton, he's taken all the good genes in the womb, making Patton short and Pearce weird. Parker's dream job is to work at a burger barn, only because he wants to meet girls, but when he finally gets it he also ends up getting a zit, and decides to give up on that dream.
  • Pearce Chase (played by Johnny K. Lewis) - The weirdest member of the family with curly hair. He has a strange perspective on just about any subject, and is never afraid to share his bizarre thoughts with everyone. A compassionate person, he has a Mongolian pen pal, and adopts most of the animals from the pet store he works in. He is prone to unexpected flashes of brilliance when needed. Pearce hates killing turkeys, which he considers the most noble fowl in America. He has a very special gift when it comes to understanding and communicating with animals and is also a wonderful swing dancer. He is the only one of the Quints with an "innie" belly button
  • Penny Chase (played by April Matson) - Is intellectual, and vigorously nonconformant. She dresses and styles her hair in an alternative style, frequently mistaken for the typical goth style and enjoys reading. She acts as a foil for Paige and the other members of her family, often in surprising ways. Penny is smart and pretty, but has loads of anger issues. Although she claims that she hates her family, she still has the heart of a member and will sometimes do things that will help; such as embarrassing herself in front of people by singing, when she actually hates singing.
  • Paige Chase (played by Sarah Wright) - The attractive girl, she spends most of her time thinking about and attending to her appearance. Her hair is frosted blonde, and she conforms to the typical sitcom dumb blond stereotype - she tends to miss the point of jokes, thinks only of her herself, and yet, like Pearce, is prone to flashes of brilliant insight as humor demands. Paige may be selfish, but she has a soft heart that helps her make the right decisions, even if it gets her into trouble sometimes. Paige loves caroling in Christmas Festivals.
  • Patton Chase (played by Ryan Pinkston) - The youngest and shortest of the children at 4'10". He takes growth hormones, the result of which is ripe with comedic opportunity. He's the most sex-obsessed of the quints; whenever a woman remarks about him positively in any way, he utters his catch phrase — "You likey?" in a sensual tone. He is arguably the craftiest of the quints, often with a hidden plan. In the last episode, Patton joins the wrestling club - the only thing of his interests that doesn't involve girls.

Guest Characters

  • Adam and Ian (played by the Lane and Kyle Carlson) - Adam and Ian are a pair of identical twin brothers who have known the Chase family in one of the many years' old multiple birth conventions. In one episode, the two fought over kissing Penny instead of Paige because Penny is the better "kisser".
  • Alayna Collins (played by Alice Greczyn) - Pearce's girlfriend, she is beautiful and intelligent. She moved to Africa five years ago, and when she came back, Parker and Pearce found out that they both had feelings for her and vice versa and started fighting to win her heart until Parker decided to walk away. But he stepped out too late, as she found herself a cute boyfriend in the next second. However, that didn't last long and when Pearce revealed his true feelings to her (through the TV), his words were so touching that she actually fell in love with him again.
  • Amanda Beard (played by herself) - On November 24, 2004 Americanmarker swimmer Amanda Beard appeared as herself.
  • Brad - The Chase's neighbor. He lives with two girlfriends.
  • Carrie Friedman (played by Danica Stewart) - Parker's girlfriend in two episodes. She was asked by Parker to go to the homecoming dance and lands the role of runner-up for prom queen. In Shakespeare in Lust, she auditioned for the role of Juliet for the play Romeo and Juliet and gets the role. Parker constantly tries to kiss her, but always ends up kissing her cheek. In the end, she kisses both Patton and Penny, but Parker was never kissed, which made him angry and jealous because he was her boyfriend.
  • Chelsea (played by Sara Paxton) - A girl who doesn't know anything about computers. She asked Patton to help her with her computer and Patton wound up wooing her, but every time he tries to get close to her, her dog Twinkle gets in the way. When Patton made Pearce go on a double date with Chelsea and her dog, Patton seized his chance to get close to her, but he got burned.
  • Jessica Geiger - (played by Adrianne Palicki) The "Tiny-Chaser". She is a lover of tiny objects, such as tiny books and tiny dolls. Patton got close to her, but once he finds out about her obsession with tiny objects and realizes that she only likes him because he is short, he gets scared by her obsession and runs away.
  • Lisa Appleby (played by Elaine Hendrix) - Carol's old roommate from college. She went to London and built a high-power career, and has been given countless awards.
  • Matt (played by Robert Hoffman) - Matt is a gay swing dancer. He was supposed to be Penny's date on Homecoming Prom, but once he found out that Pearce swing dances just as well, he asked him to be his date instead, which Pearce accepted, and left Penny suffering and dateless. In another episode, he tried to audition for the role of Romeo and had great confidence about getting it, but loses it to Patton instead and wounded up playing a supporting role instead. He is Parker's first kiss.
  • Roger (played by Richard Keith) - Penny's somewhat gothic, off-again/on-again boyfriend. He enjoys kissing Penny only because she reminds him of all the dead female poets; such as Emily Dickinson or Sylvia Plath.
  • Steve Chase (played by Jason Priestley) - Bob's little brother, a sports agent and a charmer to the ladies. It seems that Patton has somehow inherited the charming and crafty genes from him. Because he got his brother stoned before his wedding vows, Carol never liked him until he helped making Carol's old college friend, Lisa Applebee (Elaine Hendrix), feel the emptiness of her life (only because he wants to charm her).
  • The Helberg family - The Chase family's archenemies (like Romeo and Juliet's families). The family members are Francis (played by Dan Butler) - the father and the blond quints Bucky (played by Tyler Jenson), Stradivarious (played by Michael Nardelli), Kelly (played by Odette Yustman), Tiffany (played by Ashley Hartman) and Chad Helberg (played by Brendan Miller). They stole the Chases' commercial business and made them stop doing commercials. When they were competing to get a free car, Penny seduced Chad and turned him against his own family.
  • Tyler (played by Adam Grimes) - Paige's weird boyfriend. Not much is known about him, only that he's incredibly stupid. In the homecoming dance, he and Paige got hurt so badly that they became zombie king and queen.
  • Wendy - The girl Patton wrestled with in the final episode. Played by Iyari Limon
  • Carmen- A girl Patton flirted with in "Coconut Kapow". Played by Vanessa Hudgens

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