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Radio Pakistan is the official international broadcasting station of Pakistanmarker.

Radio Pakistan able to start its external services on regular basis on 1949. As Pakistan is strategically located and is a close neighbor of Chinamarker, Indiamarker, Middle Eastern countries and Central Asia, it is necessary to use Radio Pakistan and its external services as an instrument to project the country's policies in true perspective so that a message of peace and friendship is disseminated to the world specially to its neighbors.

The programmes of External Services are so designed as to project Pakistan's view point on domestic and foreign policy issues. Another special aim of these services is to disseminate knowledge about the art, culture, history, values and way of life of its people among foreign listeners in order to generate feelings of friendship, goodwill and mutual understanding which help create an environment of peace and tranquility and make co-existence possible in the region. They broadcast in 16 languages: Urdu, English, Chinese, Dari, Pushto, Hazaragi, Persian, Hindi, Gujarati, Tamil, Sinhala, Nepali, Turki, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, and Bangla.

Radio Pakistan continues to broadcast programmes which promote relations between Pakistanmarker and organizations of which Pakistanmarker is the member.

Famous Newsreaders of Radio Pakistan

  • Jehan Ara Saeed
  • Eric Warner
  • Rizwan Wasti
  • Aslam Azhar
  • Edward Carrapiett
  • Anis Mirza
  • Anita Ghulamali
  • Shakeel Ahmed (Dada)
  • Shamim Ejaz
  • Muhammad Farooq
  • Wirasat Mirza
  • Anwer Behzad
  • Azhar Lodhi
  • Khalid Hameed
  • Abd-us-Salam (Late)

Regional and International Stations

World Service

Islamabad Capital Territory



Northwest Frontier Province (NWFP)


Northern Areas, Jammu & Kashmir

Abdul Majis

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