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Solar TV is a broadcast television network in the Philippinesmarker owned by the Government Communications Group, with programming managed by the Solar Entertainment Corporation, a Filipino media company. The network was previously known as the Radio Philippines Network, which remains the legal name of the network.


Kanlaon Broadcasting System

RPN was launched and granting the first broadcasting franchise on June 29, 1960 as the Kanlaon Broadcasting System (KBS). Kanlaonmarker is a volcano on the Philippine island of Negrosmarker, the home of Benedicto and in 1969, KBS-9 was launched as the home of the first state-of-the art superior color transmission in the Philippinesmarker dubbed Accucolor.

Radio Philippines Network era

During the 1970s, the network enjoyed popularity when its shows John En Marsha, Flordeluna (which starred the then-rising star Janice de Belen), and Superstar (featuring "Superstar" Nora Aunor) were hits. The station signed a contract with TAPE, Inc. in 1979, and the station became the first co-producer and gave popularity to Eat Bulaga (hosted by Tito, Vic and Joey), which is now the longest-running noontime variety TV show. The title of its nightly newscast, NewsWatch, became the generic name for any televised newscasts because it was the premiere newscast of its day; and its panel of newscasters, led by Harry Gasser, Cathy Santillan and Frankie Abao, Jr. became household names.

During these glory years, RPN became one of the first Philippine television stations to broadcast anime, including Macross, Voltes V, Astroboy, Starblazers (predating ABC by a decade), and later airing Dragonball Z in the mid-90's. It also aired popular series from the United Statesmarker, like Hunter, Airwolf, and MacGyver; as well as game shows like The Price is Right. However, when the network was held under sequestration after the EDSA Revolution in 1986 (along with IBC 13), it lost ratings supremacy and advertising shares to other networks (notably GMA-7 and ABS-CBN, in succession). By 1989, its local shows John en Marsha and Superstar ended broadcast while top-rating daytime programs Eat Bulaga!, Agila and Coney Reyes on Camera moved to ABS-CBN before the rebranding of RPN 9 to New Vision 9.

Logo used from 1989 to 1992.
The word "New Vision" and the '9' logo was gold in color.
After the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, the stock and assets of RPN, IBC and Banahaw Broadcasting Corporation's BBC-2 were sequestered by the Presidential Commission on Good Government (PCGG). President Corazon Aquino awarded BBC, through an executive order, to ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation headed by Eugenio Lopez, Jr. RPN's and IBC's assets were turned over to the Government Communications Group.

It fell into a slump with the resurrection of ABS-CBN and the reformatting of its one-time rival GMA Network. However, the network gained popularity once again in 1996 when it aired the Mexicanmarker soap opera Marimar and started a telenovela craze in the country.

Partnership with Solar Entertainment

On March 11, 2007, RPN began a partnership with the Solar Entertainment Corporation, which began co-producing new programming for the network, such as a local version of America's Next Top Model. The network underwent management changes on December 24, 2007, as Tonypet Albano (undersecretary and executive director of MalacaƱang's Office of Political Coalition Affairs and Deputy Spokesperson of TEAM Unity) was appointed chairman of the network (replacing Education Undersecretary Mona Valisno, incumbent Presidential Assistant for Education). Undersecretary Robert Rivera was appointed director of the board, while the president and chief executive officer became former senator Orlando Mercado.

Mercado's first major move was to extend their partnership with Solar Entertainment, with programming from their cable network C/S premiering on RPN at the start of the new year. The PBA would also return to the network beginning in the 2008-09 season, as part of a three year contract with Solar Sports after an intense bidding war with ABS-CBN.

In October 2008, RPN's stations ultimately took on the C/S name as part of their permanent branding, and rebranded itself as C/S 9. On November 29, 2009, the network re-branded again under the new name Solar TV.



Branding Slogan Years Active
KBS 9 Accucolor 9 1969-1971
RPN 9 The Leader 1981-1989
New Vision 9 The Future 1989-1992
RPN Ang Pagbabalik ng Nuebe 1992
RPN The Network/The Network In Surround Stereo 1992-1995
RPN Your Friendly Network 1995-1997
RPN Leading The Way 1997-1998
RPN Quality Primetime Television 1998-1999
RPN World-Class Quality, Family TV! 2000-2001
RPN Your Kind of TV! 2001-2002
RPN Moving Ahead 2002-2003
RPN Prime Shift 2005-2006
RPN Kasama Mo! Simple Ang Ligaya, Masarap Kasama! March-July 2007
RPN Pare! July-December 2007
C/S on RPN C/S First. C/S Free. January-October 3, 2008
C/S 9 Right Here, Right Now October 4, 2008-November 28, 2009
Solar TV It's A Bright New World November 29, 2009-present

List of RPN stations and affiliates

Television stations

Branding Callsign Ch. # Power (kW) Station Type Location
Solar TV 9 Manila DZKB-TVmarker TV-9 50 kW Originating Metro Manilamarker
Solar TV 12 Baguio DZBS-TV TV-12 5 kW Originating Baguiomarker
Solar TV 10 Iriga DWKI-TV TV-10 5 kW Originating Irigamarker
Solar TV 8 Bacolod DYKB-TV TV-8 5 kW Originating Bacolodmarker
Solar TV 9 Cebu DYKC-TV TV-9 5 kW Originating Cebumarker
Solar TV 5 Zamboanga DXXX-TV TV-5 12.5 kW Originating Zamboangamarker
Solar TV 5 Cagayan De Oro DXKO-TV TV-5 5 kW Originating Cagayan De Oromarker
Solar TV 9 Davao DXWW-TV TV-9 15 kW Originating Davaomarker

Radio stations

Branding Callsign Frequency Power (kW) Location
Radyo Ronda Batac DZRL 639 kHz 1 kW Batacmarker
Radyo Ronda Baguio DZBS 1368 kHz 2.5 kW Baguiomarker
Radyo Ronda Tuguegarao DZTG 621 kHz 1 kW Tuguegaraomarker
Radyo Ronda Iriga DZKI 1332 kHz 1 kW Irigamarker
Radyo Ronda Bacolod DYKB 1404 kHz 1 kW Bacolodmarker
Radyo Ronda Binalbagan DYKW 936 kHz 13.6 kW Binalbagan, Negros Occidentalmarker
Radyo Ronda Cebu DYKC 675 kHz 5 kW Cebumarker
Radyo Ronda Zamboanga DXXX 1008 kHz 10 kW Zamboangamarker
Radyo Ronda Dipolog DXKD 1053 kHz 10 kW Dipologmarker
Radyo Ronda Pagadian DXKP 1377 kHz 10 kW Pagadianmarker
Radyo Ronda Cagayan De Oro DXKO 1368 kHz 10 kW Cagayan De Oromarker
Radyo Ronda Davao DXKT 1071 kHz 5 kW Davaomarker
Radyo Ronda General Santos DXDX 693 kHz 1 kW General Santosmarker
Radyo Ronda Surigao DXKS 1080 kHz 1 kW Surigaomarker


  1. ABS-CBN Interactive, Tonypet Albano is new RPN-9 chief

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