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Radomir ( ) is a town in the Pernik Provincemarker of Bulgariamarker with a population of about 16,503. It is located at .


The town was first mentioned in a 15th-century source as Uradmur. The current form appears for the first time in a source from 1488. The name is derived directly from the personal name Radomir or its adjectival form.

In 1918, Bulgaria was ruled by Ferdinand of Bulgaria, under whom Aleksandar Stamboliyski had been imprisoned for opposing Bulgaria's participation in the Balkan War and its alliance with the Central Powers in World War I. When in September the Allied forces broke into Bulgaria, Ferdinand agreed to release Stamboliyski in return for a promise to help restore order in the military. However, Stamboliyski instead aligned himself with the uprising and in Radomir proclaimed Bulgaria to be a republic. His supporters then attempted an attack on Sofiamarker. The Radomir Rebellion was stopped when this force was defeated by Bulgarian and Germanmarker tsarists, who also did not retain control for long as Bulgaria had signed an armistice with the Allies by the end of the month.

Places of interest

Radomir municipality hall
The village of Baykalskomarker is a quiet and beautifully preserved natural settlement. The old church of Sveta Bogoroditsa, partially destroyed and rebuilt in the 19th century, has a recently restored bell tower and is the living history of the village. A new grave yard bares the remains of generations on the opposite side of the village. The mayor's office and the post office are located across from the church of Bogoroditsa. The village is home to fewer elderly people and a growing population of seasonal visitors. Beautifully preserved natural trails leading in and about nearby Konyavo Mountain, and the Choklyovo Marsh ( ), are the tourist attractions of Baykalsko. The old name of the village, Choklyovo, has not been restored to date.

The marsh of Choklyovo is a preserved area (Regional Environment and Waters Inspectorate — Sofia), as it is the natural habitat of rare bird species and a repository of therapeutic mud. The village overlooking the lake consists of small houses traditionally made of mud and sticks in the past. There is some small scale construction from the 70's and 80's and a several newer villas. Legend has it that a Medieval ruler settled opposite the lake had issued a decree for all houses to face in his direction. Surely, the breathtaking view of the still waters of the lake calls for all windows and porches to face in its direction.

Visit Baykalsko by bus from Sofia or Kyustendil, or by train via Zemen. Bed & breakfast accommodations available by arrangement.


Radomir (1000 - ?) was also the name of a Bulgarian prince.

Radomir was the surname of Gavril Radomir of Bulgaria (Bulgarian: Гаврил Радомир), who ruled Bulgaria from October 1014 to August 1015.


Radomir Knoll on Livingston Islandmarker in the South Shetland Islandsmarker, Antarcticamarker is named after Radomir.


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