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Railpower Technologies Corp. is a Canadianmarker company that builds environmentally friendly hybrid yard locomotives, founded by Frank Donnelly and Gerard Koldyk. Its "Green Goat" locomotives have been purchased by Canadian Pacific Railway, BNSF Railway, Kansas City Southern Railway and Union Pacific Railroad among others.

Green Goat Hybrid switchers

A Green Goat demonstrator.
Their locomotive models include the Green Goat (GG) and Green Kid (GK) series. Created from older locomotives, these units are deployed in services where there is a lot of idle time, such as yard switching. Below the frame they are the same as their pre-recycled locomotive. Above the frame they are new, with all new hood and cab assemblies . A small generator and a large bank of batteries power the locomotive. The generator is used to recharge the batteries. The locomotives meet the new EPA exhaust emissions standards. Currently production includes the GG10B, GG20B, and GK10B locomotives. The "B" indicates B-B wheel arrangement the "10" or "20" signifies 1,000 or 2,000 horsepower respectively.

Model Designation Wheel Arrangement Build Year Total Produced Power Output Image
GGS2000D "Emerald" B-B 2001 1 (prototype) 2,000 Horsepower
GG20B "Green Goat" B-B 2004-present 55 2,000 Horsepower
GG10B "Green Goat" B-B 2005-present 6 1,000 Horsepower
GK10B "Green Kid" B-B 2005-present 4 1,000 Horsepower

Genset Locomotives

Railpower also produces a series of "Genset" type locomotives, which are powered by between 2 and 4 smaller diesel engines each. The engines are computer controlled, with the computer stopping and starting engines on a rotating basis, as required to produce the horsepower needed at any given moment.Currently on the market are the RP20BH (two-engine hybrid) and RP20BD (three engine diesel) locomotives for light road duties. The "B" or "C" in the model number signifies B-B , or C-C wheel arrangement, with the "14", "20" or "27" signifing 1,400 2,000 or 2,700 horsepower respectively. Some of the units built for BNSF have virtually no cab at all, as BNSF specified the locomotives to be equipped with remote control technology.

Model Designation Wheel Arrangement Build Year Total Produced Power Output # of engines Image
RP20BH (Hybrid) B-B 2006-present 1 (prototype) 2,000 Horsepower 2
RP20BD (Genset) B-B 2006-present 116 2,000 Horsepower 3
RP14BD B-B 2008-present 8 1,400 Horsepower 2
RP20CD C-C 2007-present 6 2,000 Horsepower 3
RP27CD C-C 2009- 0 2,667 Horsepower 4


The hybrid technology developed for the locomotives is also being deployed for other applications, like container crane (RTG) used in port terminals.


The company has been created in 2001 by American entrepreneur Frank Donnelly, then headquartered in North Vancouver, British Columbiamarker. The company headquarter has moved to Brossardmarker, Quebecmarker in 2006. Jim Maier was its CEO up to 2005 and has been replaced by José Mathieu. R.J. Corman Railroad Group announced on June 18, 2009 that it had acquired the assets of Railpower Technologies Corp, and its U.S. subsidiary, Railpower Hybrid Technologies.


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