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The Bog Walk to Port Antonio was built to serve the the banana, cacao, citrus and coconut districts of St Catherine, St Mary and Portland.

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Construction, operation and closure

The line operated from 1896 to 1975 and 1977 to 1978. It was long.


The ruling gradient was 1 in 63 with the line climbing approximately in 18 miles (average gradient 1 in 173) from Bog Walkmarker (approximately 250 feet) to its summit at Highgate (approximately 800 feet) then descending ~750 feet in just 9 miles (average gradient 1 in 63) to the Wag Water Bridge (just above sea level) and continuing for another more or less on the level and along the coast to Port Antonio.

Stations and Halts

There were 13 stations and 15 halts:
Troja railway station c1896.
Albany railway station c1896.


There were 17 tunnels:
Rear of a train entering a tunnel near Troja c1896.


There were 10 significant bridges. Approximate bridge lengths are shown in the route diagram (right):

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