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Rajasthan was known as Rajputana before its formation in 1949.
The maps illustrate the difference between 1909 and 1949.
Rājputāna, also called Rājwār, was the pre-1949 name of the present-day Indianmarker state of Rājasthānmarker, the largest state of the Republic of Indiamarker in terms of area.

It was ruled by the Rajputs, from the seventh and eighth century - and hence its name which literally means “land of the Rājputs”. Rājasthān, meaning “The Abode of the Rajas,” was formerly called Rājputānā, “The Country of the Rājpūts” (sons of rajas).


The area of Rajputana is estimated to be 132,559 square miles (343,328 square km) and breaks down into two geographic divisions:
  • An area northwest of the Arāvalli Range including part of the Great Indian Desert, with characteristics of being sandy and unproductive.
  • An higher area southeast of the range, which is fertile by comparison.
The whole area forms the hill and plateau country between the north Indian plains and the main plateau of peninsular India.


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