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Ram, ram, or RAM as a non-acronymic word

As a non-acronymic word Ram, ram, or RAM may refer to:


  • Bighorn Sheep, a North American mountain sheep species
  • Sheep, an uncastrated male of which is called a ram
  • Ram cichlid, a species of freshwater fish endemic to Colombia and Venezuela


  • Battering ram
  • Ramming, a military tactic in which one vehicle runs into another
  • Naval ram, a weapon affixed to the bows of warships from ancient times to the late 19th century
  • Ram tank, a Canadian tank of World War II

In music

  • RAM , a mizik rasin band based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
  • rAm , a short-lived rock and roll band from Oregon, USA, active in 2002
  • Ram , a short-lived progressive rock band based in New York City, United States, active in 1972
  • Ram , a 1971 UK #1 album by Paul and Linda McCartney
  • Ram Jam (band), a rock band from the 1970s with the hit song "Black Betty"

Sports teams


  • Ram, a very common Hindu name for males, originating from Hindu God Shri Rama
  • Ram Bahadur Bomjon, a Nepalese teenager televised meditating for days without moving
  • Ram , a south Indian Telugu actor
  • Ram
  • Ramnaresh Sarwan, a West Indian cricket player
  • Andy Ram, an Israeli tennis player
  • Rama for other people named Ram (spelled also as Rama)

In hydraulics


  • Ramjet, a type of jet engine particularly suitable for supersonic speeds
  • Dodge Ram, a full-size pickup truck
  • Aries , symbolized as a ram
  • Aries , symbolized as a ram
  • Ram , a Japanese visual novel studio
  • Ram Mounts, a modular range of products to mount, hold and stabilise devices, and the trading name of the company which makes them
  • Ram , a fictional Japanese superhero published by DC Comics
  • List of The Tribe characters#Ram, a fictional character from the television series The Tribe

RAM as an abbreviation

The abbreviation RAM may refer to:

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