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"Sri Sri Jagadguru Shankaracharya Mahasamstanam SriSamstana Gokarna Shree Ramachandrapura Matha" is a Hindu religious establishment that was established in Gokarnamarker by Shree Shankaracharya for the propagation of Sanathana Dharma. Initially, the Math was called as Shree Raghotham Peeta, and subsequently came known to be the “Shree Ramachandrapura Math".


Shree Math has an illustrious history of more than 1300 Years and was established by deciple of Shree Adi Shankaracharya. It is the only Math with an unbroken lineage (Avichchinna Parampara) of Peethadhishas. The first Peethadhisha Shree Vidyananda Acharya was the disciple of Adi Shankara. Shree Shankaracharya bestowed a rare Chandramouleeshwara Lingam and Idols of Shree Rama, Seetha, Lakshmana and other deities to the Math. These were worshiped with great devotion and reverence by the subsequent Swamijis and to this day the worship continues. The twelfth pontiff Shree Ramachandra Bharathi Swamiji built a new Math on the banks of River Sharavathi in Hosanagaramarker, Shimoga District, Karnataka, in the 15th century and since then the Math at Hosanagara has gained prominence as the main one as there was nobody in the lineage at ragoottam muutt at kekkar. Historical documents state that the Math was revered and held in great esteem by the Emperors of Vijayanagara, Keladi and Mysore. Even the Nawabs of Hyderabad and rulers of Mysore like Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan acknowledged both the temporal and spiritual sway of the Shree Math which is symbolised by the Throne and Crown of the Peeta.


The Ramachandrapura Math is a Raja Peeta/Jagadguru Peeta, (a blending of both Adhyatmika/Sanyasa and Royal patronage). The Gold Crown was honoured at the time of Vijayanagar Dynasty, with few of royal patronage as Adda Pallaki (Palkin), Hagalu Deevatike, Boparak (Praise of Honour), etc. It is the peeta which conducts, Addapallaki & Keeritotsava on special occasions, since ages. It is the peeta which has seen many Dynasties, Rulers, its rise & fall, had been considered a moral guideline by many in past & even present.


The Shree Math has a stunningly beautiful ivory throne. This invaluable piece of art was carved during the period of Shree Ramachandra Bharathi Swamiji (the 34th pontiff), out of the tusks of Ramabhadra, the elephant whose love and devotion to Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji (33rd pontiff) is legendary. This manually carved throne with its intricate designs, which depict scenes from the Ramayana, Mahabharatha and Bhagavatha, is studded with precious stones and gold inlay work. It was carved by the well known Mudugodu Manja Aachari, in Soraba town.


Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji is the 36th Jagadguru and he is greatly revered by some as the an illustrious and illuminating personality in the field of Sanskrit, Vedanta and social welfare. Shree Math under the holy and able guidance of its current pontiff Shree Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji is helping people to live in a better world not only by preserving and propagating the Sanathana Dharma but also by taking-up social welfare programmes.

The present pontiff, greatly revered by all as the incarnation of Adi Shankara. Shree Raghaveshwara Bharathi Swamiji believes that the Math has to help the people live in a better world not only by preserving and propagating the Sanathana Dharma but also by taking-up social welfare programmes. Relentlessly working on his dream, Shree Swamiji has embarked on massive social welfare programmes such as Value Based Education System, Hospitals and Health Care for Rural Poor, Food distribution for poor, Cancer Research, protecting and preserving native Indian breed Cows, Propagation of organic farming, etc. to name a few. Some of these projects are unique and are being widely appreciated in India and Abroad. The success of these projects are already visible and people from all walks of life are involving themselves in realizing Swamiji’s dream of gifting ourselves a better tomorrow.

The Mutt has majority in recent years concentrated on Indian breed cattle preservation (Cows). In fact, the census by Animal Husbandry shows decline in Cattle over years, and most of Indian breed are in verge of extinction (e.g. Vachuru breed of Kerala is expected around 100 Nos. in all and after the initiation to protect Indian breed by math, the Keral Govt.very recently has taken steps to protect the same). Of 36 Indian cattle breeds now known in India, all are found in Math, which are preserved for future generation. It is the only institution in India with single largest collection of Indian Cow breed (Bos Indicos), and the present pontiff, have declared his future work to concentrate only around the protection of the Indian cow breed (Bharathiya Go Samrakshane). Future concentration is on research, on them to give more to society of the benefits of these breeds, and also it ‘Gavyautpanna’ or products from Cow, as, Gavya Arka, Doopa, Danthamanjana, Medicines, etc. In fact, the State Governments have noted the importance from here, and have announced projects based on the work developments here.

In April 2006, the Math organized the mega festival of the epic Ramayana - the Ramayana Mahasatra - at its premises at Hosanagar in Karnataka. It attracted 15 lakhs of devotees from all walks of life. The event was a whole bunch Ramayana Festival. All the cultural, deity forms of Ramayana as worshiped in different parts of India, was brought under the event, so that people can have the glimpse of the entire cultural events of Ramayana in India. Many of dignitaries attended the event with praise, and food was served to all with name of Maha Annasantharpana (i.e. megha food charity/offerings). In April 2007, a megha International event 'Vishwa Go-Sammelan' a big convocation as to protect the endangered Indian breed catte, was held at math. Many resourceful persons had appeared from different parts of world. This sammelan was a bunch of events like Kamadhenu Maha Yaga, many semminars, religious meet of different sanyasis & various organisations, & many educative & entertainment events, of course all related to Indian breed cattle.

The August 2008, was a historical period in the math history, with receiving back the full administration, of Sri Samstan Gokarna Mahabaleshwar Temple in Gokarna. The Temple was under full control of math for over 1,200 years, with just missing administration for a short period. The temple was officially passed to the math by the Government of Karnataka, as there were sufficient documents and scriptures of the past administration by the math.

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