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Ramsay Street is a fictional street in the long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours and is located in the fictional suburb of Erinsborough, Melbournemarker.

Traditionally, the street begins on the opposite side of the main road, fictionally dubbed "Wentworth Avenue", but is, in reality, Weeden Drive. Thus, the houses seen on screen are actually the tail end of a much longer street, though this is almost never referred to in the story and the cul-de-sac conclusion of Ramsay Street is treated very much as its own entity. This location is the focal point of the show, and generally characters are included in the storyline by their living in one of the six houses located at the closed end of the cul-de-sac. In the story, Ramsay Street is named after the Ramsay family, who were a prominent family in the area historically and when the show began. This family had left the show by 2001 when its last member to remain in the street died, but as of 2009, Max Ramsay's grandchildren live in the street, and a large number of other families and characters have come and gone from the street.

The filming location for exterior Ramsay Street scenes is Pin Oak Court in Vermont Southmarker. The indoor scenes are filmed in a studio, so there are occasionally discrepancies between the appearance of the inside and outside of the houses. Ramsay Street's postcode is briefly visible in episode 5190, when Paul Robinson's driver's license is shown. It is 3751, which, while it is in Melbourne, is in reality located in The Patchmarker. A different postcode was shown again in episode 5620 on an envelope, which was 9751, which is not actually a real Australian postcode.

No. 22

This house was first rented out by Clive Gibbons at the beginning of 1986, who first took in lodgers, Daphne Clarke, Mike Young and Zoe Davis, and later Susan Cole Susan left in 1987. and her baby son Sam. When Clive moved to the flat above the surgery the house was bought by the Daniels Corporation and was rented out to Rob Lewis and his daughter Gail. When Gail married Paul Robinson the couple lived here as man and wife until, after many arguments, Paul and Gail divorced in 1989. The house was the rented out to Caroline and Christina Alessi while Paul lodged with them before marrying Christina. In 1992 Caroline left and later so did Paul, Christina and their newly born son Andrew. The house was then rented out to Christina's uncle and aunt Benito and Cathy Alessi as well as their two sons Marco and Rick. Benito and Cathy left in 1993 and Rick moved to No.30.

The house was then rented out to the infamous Lim Family for a month before it was bought by Cheryl Stark and she moved in with her younger son and daughter Brett and Danni. The house was rented for a month by the Tuan family when Cheryl, Brett and Danni when to live with Cheryl's partner Lou Carpenter at No.22 before all four moved back to No.22, when in 1994 Cheryl gave birth to Louise. Just before Cheryl's death in 1996, the house was bought by Karl Kennedy as an investment but sold it back to Lou when he returned from Queenslandmarker. When Brett and Danni moved away Cheryl's elder son Darren and her mother Marlene Kratz moved in to help him look after Louise.

Marlene left very unexpectedly in 1997 and Darren in 1998, Lou began to take in lodgers firstly Toadfish Rebecchi who moved in for six months, journalist Geri Hallett and later Drew Kirk who stayed there until his marriage to Libby Kennedy but they both moved back briefly following the birth of their son Ben. Nina Tucker and her mother Trixie moved in, in 2003 but both had left following the breakdown of Lou and Trixie's brief marriage. Valda Sheergold bought the house in 2004 when Lou was going through financial troubles, the next year the house was bought from Valda and sold back to a returning Paul Robinson. Paul promised to treat Lou fairly but the two couldn't get along so Paul kicked Lou out and his lover Isabelle Hoyland moved in.

Later in 2005 Paul's daughter Elle moved in. Paul's son Robert Robinson also lived in Paul's house pretending to be his twin brother Cameron, until his cover was blown and he was sent to prison. The real Cameron had also lived there until his death. Also in 2006 Lyn Scully became Paul's P.A. and when a business deal they co-organised fell through, Lyn went bankrupt and moved in with Paul along with her son Oscar. Lyn and Paul started dating and married at the end of 2006 but the marriage lasted less than a day and Lyn left following this. In 2007, Elle found out that Paul had deceived her and was involved in her break-up with Dylan Timmins and so she devised a plan involving a false engagement to Oliver Barnes to trick Paul into signing all his assets over to her and after she revealled her plan she threw him out on the street. Elle later took in Ned Parker as a lodger and also that she could feel safe and later her father moved back after he had a brain tumour removed.

Ned's son Mickey Gannon moved in with his father but they later moved in to No.26 and Paul asked Rebecca Napier and her son Declan to move in. She and her son left on June 2 2008, after his affair with Kirsten was exposed. Soon after, Elle forced Paul to leave as well, angry about his affair, but later allowed him to move back in. In September/October 2008, Donna Freedman moved in, after her father skipped bail and left her alone, with Elle becoming her temporary guardian. Donna's younger brother Simon Freedman and younger sister Tegan Freedman moved in on the 12th of December 2008. After a love rollercoaster between Elle and Lucas, Lucas moves in with Elle early in 2009.

After being stuck in between Paul and Lucas at loggerheads Lucas forces Elle to choose between him and Paul. Elle later asks Paul to move back in after Paul is on the run for being accused of running down Jill Ramsay. Paul also gets back together with Rebecca Napier, and after getting thrown out of No. 26 (the house previously owned by the Parkers) by its new owner Lyn Scully, Rebecca Napier, Declan Napier and his daughter India Napier subsequently move in. In 2009 Paul bought the house of Elle due to her financial situation. Elle left Ramsay Street in November 2009.

Current Residents

Actor Character Resident
Stefan Dennis Paul Robinson 1987-1992, 2005-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009, 2009
James Sorensen Declan Napier 2008, 2009-
Jane Hall Rebecca Napier 2008, 2009-
Margot Robbie Donna Freedman 2008-2009, 2009-
Alia & Gab Devercelli India Napier 2009-

No. 24

This was one of the three original houses in Ramsay Street and had been associated with the Ramsay family many years before the show began. The first seen occupants were Max Ramsay and his wife Maria and their two children Shane and Danny. Max and Maria's marriage ended quite early into the show's run and at the beginning of 1986 Max's sister Madge Mitchell moved in and they purchased half of the house each, Max later left and sold Madge the rest of the house. Max was essentially replaced by his brother Tom Ramsay who only lasted a year and moved out at the end of 1986 along with Danny. Madge's daughter Charlene arrived in 1986 and her son Henry Ramsay moved in in 1987 following Shane's departure.

After Charlene's marriage to Scott Robinson, the couple moved in to this house. After marrying Madge, Harold Bishop moved in. In 1988, Charlene departed that year and Scott and Henry both left in 1989. Sharon and Bronwyn Davies lived here briefly as did Harold's daughter Kerry. In the early 1990s Londoner Eddie Buckingham who Madge and Harold met on their trip to England moved in here as did Madge's niece Gemma Ramsay. Madge and Harold then took in Brenda Riley who bought her nephew Guy Carpenter to stay with her at the same time Harold went missing and Madge returned to Ramsay Street.

When Guy's father, Brenda's brother and Madge's old flame Lou Carpenter moved in, Guy and Brenda quickly left. Madge left in late 1992 after she rejected Lou's proposal of marriage and moved away. Lou then took in lodgers Beth Willis and Cameron Hudson who both moved out when Lou's daughter Lauren Carpenter moved in with her dad for a year. Annalise Kratz moved in with Lou in 1993 and later moved next door to Number 26. Rick Alessi later moved in after his parents left Erinsborough and remained until 1994 whenLou's new partner Cheryl Stark moved in with her son Brett and Annalise. The Carpenter-Starks all moved next door when the house was bought by Cheryl's mother Marlene Kratz who moved in along with her grandson Sam Kratz.

They took in Cody Willis as a lodger when her parents moved away and Annalise later moved back in after she break up with Mark. Annalise's sister Joanna also moved in and for a brief period, Luke Handley stayed there. By 1996 Sam, Annalise and Joanna had moved out and Harold had reappeared apparently having lived in Tasmania with amnesia he and Madge reunited and rented the house from Marlene who went next door to live with Lou following Cheryl's death. Leaving briefly, Harold and Madge returned to Ramsay Street where they bought the property from Marlene and soon after fostered teenager Paul McClain and also took in Tad Reeves. In 2001 Madge died of cancer and by 2002 both Paul and Tad had also left. Harold briefly lived with hairdresser Gino Esposito and took in troubled teenager Saxon Garvey before granddaughter Sky Mangel moved back to the area to live with Harold. He was soon joined by son David Bishop daughter-in-law Liljana and his other granddaughter Serena. Harold took a homeless Lou Carpenter back in, in 2005.

Later that year David and his family perished in a plane crash. In 2006, Sky gave birth to Kerry Timmins, and Carmella Cammeniti lived here for a time after she denounced her vows as a nun. In 2007 Lou's daughter Lolly moved in and her lies got Carmella kicked out of the house. Lolly left after six months and Sky left soon after, taking baby Kerry to be closer to her father Dylan Timmins.

Harold left Erinsborough in early 2008 renting his house to Lou moved in with Parkers at number 26. Marco and Carmella Silvani, still owning it for when he returns. Rebecca and Declan Napier moved in after the revelation of Paul Robinson's affair with Kirsten Gannon. Sienna, Carmella's cousin, moved in briefly, but later moved to Italy. Marco died in July 2008 following a bush fire, and Bridget Parker also briefly stayed in the house whilst angry at her parents marital problems. When Harold put his house up for the Salvation Army, the freedman family moved in at the start of 2009, which consisted of Cassandra, Simon and Tegan.

However, Cassandra's residency came to an end when the extent of her madness was revealed. It came to a head when she stole Elle's pet cat named Cat and Elle found the cat was under Number 24. Elle attempted to get the cat out but her claustrophobia, developed after the 2007 Roof Collapse kicked in. Declan Napier crawled under Number 24 to retrieve the cat but a loose electric cable caused him to be electrocuted. Cassandra soon left in a hurry when she revealed to her daughter that Matt Freedman was not her real father and only agreed to raise her as his own.

Lucas senses that Elle is still struggling with her fear of tight spaces and offers to get her through it. They get themselves comfortable under Number 24. However, they are getting bored and Lucas crawls around, exploring through the old junk under the house and finds a locket with the initials A.D.R of Elle's late grandmother Anne Daniels-Robinson engraved on it. Elle agrees with Lucas that it is weird that a locket belonging to her late grandmother would be under Harold's old house.

Lucas thinks that "Granny Annie" went to Harold's for a cup of sugar and ended up having a hot affair with him. However, they borrow Harold's History of Ramsay Street from Toadie to find out more about the past residents of Number 24. They discover that the residents before Harold were Max Ramsay and the Ramsay family and since Harold wasn't in the street until the late 1980s, the locket would have been buried under there during Max Ramsay's time on the street.

Elle tries to leave the mystery alone while at the baby shower for Bridget and Declan. However, Lucas is determined to get to the bottom of the dirty Robinson secret and continues scrounging around under Number 24 until he finds a hidey-hole containing a small box with Anne Daniels engraved on it. He talks to Elle and they find a key inside with a bank logo crest and a number on it. A key to a safety deposit box in a bank. Elle thinks they should stop right there since Robinson family secrets are usually bad news but Lucas thinks they should ask Paul. Elle says as quoted: Yeah right. Hey Dad, your late mother hid a key to a safety deposit box in a hidey-hole underneath Max Ramsay's old house.

Elle and Lucas track down the bank and pay a visit to the bank. The bank attendant helps them gain access to the safety deposit box and they find the will and final testament of Elle's great grandmother Helen Simpson-Daniels. They read the will and discover that Helen wanted, when she died, to divide her assets between daughter Anne and son-in-law Jim Robinson. When they died, Helen intended for their children to inherit the assets — Paul, Julie, Scott and Lucy. Jim Robinson and Maureen Donnelly's illegitimate son Glen Donnelly wouldn't have been involved in the equation but Helen does mention a mystery child that Anne gave birth to. They try to track down this mystery child through the man that wrote Helen's will but Toadie reveals that the man died five years ago. The trail starts to go cold.

After a bit more digging, they discovered that Jill was indeed the daughter as a result of a love affair between Anne Robinson and Max Ramsay.

Paul, however, discovered that Elle was digging around and had her hands on Helen Daniels' will. Not wanting anyone else to get their hands on his inheritance from his beloved deceased grandmother, he did some research of his own and discovered what Elle and Lucas had discovered. Elle, meanwhile, with good reason, was scared of what Paul might to to the other heir to the Robinson fortune and she decided that she had to track down Jill first. Lucas, meanwhile, wanted to know why Elle was so afraid of Paul and went to Susan Kennedy for the full story, in which she related Paul's story since he returned after the fire that destroyed several businesses at the end of 2004.

Elle and Lucas desperately tracked down Jill Ramsay and discovered that Paul had gone to see her. However, as it turned out, he hadn't actually talked to her as of yet. Later on, when Paul had taken Rebecca away for a romantic weekend getaway, Elle and Lucas visited the residence of Jill Ramsay and talked to Kate Ramsay, the oldest child. She told a stunned Elle and Lucas that Jill had been run down and left to die and she was in hospital. Elle and Lucas raced to the hospital and the three Ramsay kids stayed there as well. Hours later Karl rushed in as Jill was steadily dying and finally he came out to announce that she had died.

It soon emerged that Paul had seen her and it was assumed that he was the driver that killed her but they tracked down a witness that said that Paul actually pushed Jill out onto the road right in front of him, not giving him a chance to hit the brakes, thus he was Jill Ramsay's killer. Meanwhile, Paul had confessed to killing his newly discovered half-sister to the police and his lawyer Toadie Rebecchi got him out on bail.

Hours later, Paul had taken off, breaching his bail conditions. However, his girlfriend Rebecca Napier received several calls from Paul but he wouldn't say where he was and she warned him off her, telling him that the police had the phone tapped and were listening. Meanwhile, all those involved with Paul had to deal with hatred from the Ramsay kids, who were disgusted at the Robinson family for excluding the Ramsay from the family all these years and had a vengeful hatred towards Paul for killing their mother and leaving them alone.

Elle and Lucas soon had a lead on Paul and tracked him to Sydney, where they bribed the concierge at the hotel to give them a list of the numbers that Paul had contacted from his hotel room. They talked to a woman that he had seen, in an effort to learn more about the Ramsay family and about their father. The woman was actually in a relationship with the kids' father and never even knew he had kids with Jill Ramsay.

Elle and Lucas return home with no Paul, but they have evidence that he could be innocent after all. Rebecca Napier received a sudden call from Paul from an airfield and he requested that she see him before he left at 1pm. However, Rebecca was too messed up to see him and Declan and Bridget went in her place. However, when they arrived at the airfield, one of the workers said that Paul had already left the country. However, when Toadie learnt of the phone call and that Paul had left the country, he, disgusted at Rebecca, threatened to tell the police. However, Paul revealed himself and said he just couldn't leave the country without being with Rebecca. He then begged Toadie to give him two more days to track down the father of the Ramsay kids, who had been tracked to the Philippines. He even turned down Rebecca's offer to talk to Sophie Ramsay, a witness to the whole incident, who had clearly done a drawing showing Paul's innocence. He demanded that the Ramsay kids be left alone since they had been through enough and he clearly showed some uncharacteristic compassion towards the kids for what they had been through, unlike past incidents such as Stingray's death, where he had not even tried to spread his condolences to the Timmins family for their loss, instead, too determined to financially ruin them.

Current Residents

Actor Character Resident
Ashleigh Brewer Kate Ramsay 2009-
Will Moore Harry Ramsay 2009-
Kaiya Jones Sophie Ramsay 2009-

No. 26

A large grey brick house at the top of the cul-de-sac, this house is considered by many to be the Robinson household. Bought by patriarch Jim Robinson in the 1960s, he lived here with wife Anne and together they had four children Paul, Julie, Scott and Lucy. In 1975, Anne died and her mother, Helen Daniels, came to live with the family to help Jim raise his children. When the show started all his children were still living with him, however Paul and Julie had both moved out by the end of 1985, Scott moved out in 1987 following his marriage to Charlene Mitchell and Lucy went away to boarding school, reappearing occasionally.

Jim married Beverly Marshall in 1988 and her niece and nephew Katie and Todd Landers also moved in. Later that year, they took in street kid Nick Page. Katie and Nick left within the following Beverly left in 1990 after she broke up with Jim but Todd stayed long after Beverley and Jim separated until his untimely death in 1992. Also, in 1990, Jim found out he had a fifth child Glen Donnelly who moved into the house and who Jim added to his will. Beth Brennan, Josh Anderson and Matt Robinson also stayed there for brief periods in the early 1990s. In 1993, Jim began dating the much younger Fiona Hartman whose daughter Annalise moved in as well.

This affair angered Helen and she moved over to No.32. Later that year, Jim suffered a heart attack but instead of helping him Fiona left him to die, more interested in collecting his money. The house had been left to Helen in Jim's will and she let Annalise stay on there and her second cousin Wayne Duncan also moved in, so he could teach at the high school. In 1994, Julie and her husband Philip and their children Hannah and Debbie moved in. Julie died later that year and Debbie left and then came back again. Philip's much younger girlfriend Jen Handley moved in briefly in 1995 as did her brother Luke who had a brief relationship with Debbie. In 1997, surrounded by her family, Helen Daniels died at home and even though Jim's will stated that his four remaining children: Glen, Lucy, Paul and Scott would have equal share in the house, Phil took over the house.

Later that year he began dating Ruth Wilkinson who moved in with him following their marriage. Ruth's twin children Lance and Anne also moved in. In 1999, Ruth, Philip and Hannah moved away and Lance and Anne moved to other houses on the street. Philip sold the house to Joe Scully who moved in along with his wife Lyn and daughters Stephanie, Felicity and Michelle. In 2002, Connor O'Neill a friend of the Scully's absent son Jack became their lodger and also started a relationship with Michelle. At Felicity's leaving party later that year, Jack returned with his new girlfriend Lori Lee.

In 2003, Michelle left and Connor moved to Number 30, whilst Lori also moved following Jack's affair with Nina Tucker and Stephanie moved in with new boyfriend Max Hoyland at Number 32. Also that year Lyn gave birth to her fifth child Oscar. Joe moved away in 2004 to look after his ill father and after visiting him that year, Lyn decided their marriage was over. Jack left to reunite with Nina at the start of 2005, leaving Lyn and Oscar alone. Later that year, Lyn invited her new friend and colleague Janelle Timmins to move in along with her sons Scott and Dylan who were already living elsewhere on the street. Janelle's daughters Janae and Bree moved in a month later.

Towards the end of 2005, Joe Mangel returned to the show and started romancing Lyn and his rows with Janelle lead to the whole family being thrown out of the house and having to live in a caravan park. Joe and Lyn lived here together briefly for a while until she folded and let the Timmins family move back in, and Joe left soon after to help his son on his farm. In 2006, Lyn declared herself bankrupt and was forced to sell the house which was bought by Loris Timmins, Janelle's mother in law, in an attempt to make amends with Janelle. After this, Lyn moved out to live at no.22. In the spring of 2007, Stingray died and Dylan left at his funeral being unable to live on the street where his brother had died. In the summer of 2007, Janelle married her boyfriend, Allan Steiger and then left the street in a helicopter along with Bree, telling Janae to stay behind and try and start a relationship with Ned Parker. Janae continued to live at no. 26, and Ned moved in with his son Mickey Gannon.

Ned's brother, Steve Parker, later moved in with his wife, Miranda, and their adoptive daughter, Bridget, and were later joined by the couples adoptive son, Riley. Janae left in early 2008 to join the rest of her family in Cairns after her relationship with Ned began to struggle. Several weeks after Janae's departure, the Parkers bought the house at auction. Lou moved in with the Parkers after Harold's departure.

In July 2008, Ned and Mickey moved to Perth, after Kirsten, Mickey's mother, was badly burnt in a bush fire. Mickey ran away and returned to Erinsborough, and it was decided that he should live with his aunt and uncle while his mother recovered.

Miranda's sister, Nicola West briefly resided there, causing Riley, with whom she was having an illicit affair, to leave. Nicola caused marital problems for the Parker's and was thrown out, whilst Steve also briefly moved to no. 30. After repairing their marriage, Steve returned, along with Bridget, who had been staying with her boyfriend, Declan. Soon after, Nicola was sent to a psychiatric hospital.

In July 2009 Mickey Gannon left Ramsay Street to move to Perth and be with his parents Ned Parker and Kirsten Gannon. A week after Mickey left his cousin Bridget Parker died in a car crash. After Bridget's death Steve and Miranda left Ramsay Street.

In September 2009, Stephanie Scully bought back the old house for Lyn. Lyn, Steph and Charlie moved in, with Lou returning to live in the house when he returned from New York. However, Lou moved out in October 2009, as one of Lyn's conditions to re-hiring him at Harold's Store. Lou moved into No. 30.

It is unknown whether Oscar Scully will return to live with mother Lyn in the near future.

Current Residents
Actor Character Resident
Janet Andrewartha Lyn Scully 1999-2006, 2009-
Carla Bonner Stephanie Scully 1999-2003, 2009-
Jacob Brito Charlie Hoyland 2009-

No. 28

This house was bought in 1985 by Des Clarke for him to live with his fiance Lorraine Kingham. On the day of the wedding, Lorraine and her parents arrived at the house to tell Des the wedding was off. To pay off his debts Des took Daphne Lawrence the stripper at his bachelor party in as his lodger. She moved out when they broke off their engagement and Daphne's old schoolfriend Zoe Davis moved in for a little while. Daphne came back in 1986 and the couple also became legal custodians of Mike Young.

In 1987 Daphne gave birth to a son named Jamie. Daphne died in 1988 and Des and Mike continued to live here and Bronwyn Davies and Sally Wells lived here briefly. Des began romancing Melanie Pearson in 1989 and she moved in following their engagement. Mike left in 1990 to be with his sick mother and Des left later that year after he broke his engagement off with Melanie. Doug Willis bought the house and moved in with wife Pam, their eldest son Adam and younger daughter Cody, who was already a character on the show. Cody and Adam both left in 1991, being essentially replaced by their other siblings Brad and Gaby. Doug's sister Faye Hudson moved in briefly and Cody returned in 1993. All the Willises left Ramsay Street in 1994 bar Cody.

The house was bought by Karl Kennedy who moved in with wife Susan and children Malcolm, Libby and Billy. In 1995, Mal moved to No.32 briefly with his girlfriend Danni Stark but moved back in after things didn't work out. Libby also moved out in 1996 to live with boyfriend Darren Stark but their new flat wasn't what she expected and so she moved back home. Following his family's departure, Toadfish Rebecchi lived there until 1998 when he moved in with Lou Carpenter. Mal left in 1997 and his friend Joel Samuels stayed with the Kennedys for a brief period in 1998. Billy left in 2000 and Susan's nephew Darcy Tyler came to stay here as did Susan's niece and Darcy's cousin Elly Conway but both had left by the summer of 2002. Libby moved out in 2001 after she married Drew Kirk but when Drew died in 2002, Libby moved back in with son Ben Kirk. At separate times in 2003 Karl and Susan took in teenagers Lori Lee and Taj Coppin.

Karl and Susan divorced in 2004 with Susan Kennedy getting the house in the divorce settlement and Karl moving into a nearby flat. Susan then took in lodgers Sindi Watts and Stingray Timmins who were her new surrogate family as Libby and Ben returned and left within the same year. In 2005, Stingray's brother Dylan Timmins came to stay until both moved in with mother Janelle at no. 26. Liljana Bishop stayed with Susan during her brief separation with husband David, Stuart Parker also lived here with girlfriend Sindi while he was having problems with his sight. David and Liljana reconciled and Stuart and Sindi moved out. Later that year Susan Kennedy began dating Alex Kinski who moved in with her along with his children Rachel Kinski and Zeke Kinski.

Alex was diagnosed with a terminal disease and Susan and Alex were married at no. 28 where Alex's oldest daughter Katya, who had run away from home, reappeared to spend a few hours with her father before he died that night. Katya and new stepmother Susan began a custody battle for Rachel and Zeke; in the end, Katya conceded and eventually became friends with Susan and moved in with her and the children. Karl and ex-wife Susan Kinski reunited as a couple in the middle of 2006; Rachel was initially unhappy with this decision and moved into no. 30 but eventually the Kinski children learnt to treat Karl as a surrogate father and Karl and Susan re-married in 2007. In early 2007, Toadie was shot and moved in with Karl and Susan to recover he moved out to live with girlfriend divorcee Stephanie Hoyland later that year. He also returned briefly to no 28 after leaving Steph at the altar in 2008. Karl's senile father Tom also lived here but has now been sent to an old folks' home in the country.

Karl and Susan's daughter Libby and grandson Ben recently returned to the Street and lived at no. 28, until moving in with Steph at no. 32.

Ringo Brown, Rachel's ex boyfriend, moved in with the Kennedy-Kinskis after his brother Frazer and sister in law Rosie left Ramsay Street to live in Italy.

Sunny Lee a foreign exchange student move to Ramsay Street in April 2009 to live with the Kennedy's after Rachel Kinski's departure in March 2009.

In June 2009 Zeke Kinski moved out to live at Number 32 after Karl and Susan banned him and Sunny Lee from having a relationship as they are family. Zeke moved back in after Lyn returned to the street and moved in with Steph.

Current residents

Actor Character Resident
Jackie Woodburne Susan Kennedy 1994-
Alan Fletcher Karl Kennedy 1994-2004, 2006-
Matthew Werkmeister Zeke Kinski 2005-2008, 2009-
Sam Clark Ringo Brown 2008-2009, 2009-2010

No. 30

The Brown family and the Sutton family both lived here briefly in 1985, until it was bought by Jim Robinson as a wedding gift to his son Paul and his new wife Terry. After only a few weeks of marriage Terry shot Paul and he moved back to his family home. The house was not featured in the storyline again until 1988 when the Simpson family put the house on the market and it was bought by Edith Chubb as an investment, having totally changed layout since it was last on screen. Her nieces Sharon and Bronwyn Davies lived here for a while and it was later rented by Hilary Robinson who lived here with her son Matt.

Dorothy Burke bought the house in 1990 and lived here firstly with her niece and nephew Ryan and Lochy McLachlan and later with her makeshift family of Phoebe Bright and Toby Mangel. Todd Landers got Phoebe pregnant but was then run down by a car and died while trying to stop Phoebe having an abortion. At the beginning of 1993 Phoebe gave birth to a daughter she named Hope and she also married Stephen Gottlieb. Dorothy sold the house to an unknown buyer when she left in 1993 along with Toby, leaving Stephen, Phoebe and Hope together as a family. The Gottlieb's first lodger was Beth Brennan and Stephen's brother Mark came to live with his brother and his new wife. Stephen and Phoebe left in 1993 and Beth left after her marriage to Brad Willis later in the year.

After things became overcrowed at Number 24, Rick Alessi moved in as did Mark's sister, Ren. Following Rick's departure Cody Willis moved in and when Ren and Mark left Cody's uni friends Luke and Jen Handley moved in with her. Jen left in 1995 and Jo Hartman moved in. In late 1996, Luke joined the police force and agreed to use the house as part of a stakeout but the situation turned ugly and Cody was fatally shot and died. Sarah Beaumont moved in with Jo and Luke and Sarah's sister Catherine O'Brien moved in after she split up with her boyfriend Stonefish Rebecchi. Luke left at the end of 1996 and Catherine departed with Mal Kennedy in 1997, with teacher Lisa Elliott taking her place in the house. Jo left following her marriage to Rob Evans and Lisa also moved on. Ben Atkins moved into the house to be close to his birth mother Ruth Wilkinson and his sister Caitlin joined them.

Ben and Caitlin had both moved on in 1998 and Sarah's new housemates were Joel Samuels and Toadie Rebecchi. Sarah was married to Peter Hannay in 1999 and left Ramsay Street. It was around this time that Lou Carpenter bought the house at auction after the previous owner Janine Sumner had put it on the market. Sarah's place in the house was contested over between Lance Wilkinson and Amy Greenwood, Lance eventually won and moved in. Toadie's cousin Tad Reeves and Joel's one-time girlfriend Felicity Scully both lived here briefly and Lance moved out in 2001 his place in the house being taken by Dee Bliss who originally romanced Joel but later dated both the new housemate Stuart Parker and Toadie the latter of whom she married in 2003. But the wedding wasn't a happy one as Toadie and Dee went to start their honeymoon their car careered off a cliff; Toadie was found but Dee disappeared. It was around this time that Connor O'Neill moved into the house and together they were known as the House of Trouser.

In 2004, facing financial ruin, Lou had to sell the house and Stuart, Toadie and Connor bought it together. Two of Connor's girlfriends Serena Bishop and Carmella Cammeniti both lived here with him as did Stuart's girlfriend and later wife Sindi Watts. In 2005 Stuart's brother Ned Parker moved in and slept on the couch as well as former landlord Lou Carpenter. Stuart left at the beginning of 2006 to reconcile with Sindi, Connor left in mysterious circumstances a few months later. Toadie then took in his cousin Janae Timmins and her new husband Boyd Hoyland who were rebelling against their parents who didn't consent to their marriage.

Janae and Boyd made peace with their parents and moved out and Toadie moved away briefly to meet some clients in Sydney and asked Ned to find new tenants for the house. He interviewed for the rooms and they went to Frazer Yeats, Pepper Steiger and Will Griggs, but Ned was unaware that Toadie had promised his room to Rosetta Cammeniti and so Will was relegated to the closet, which became a much used extra room from then on. When Toadie returned unexpectedly, with a full house, he moved to No.32 and then into his law offices. Later it was revealed that Frazer and Pepper were not a couple and a Big Brother style vote was taken between the five housemates and due to his own stupidity Ned was voted out. Will left in early 2007 after his secret fortune was revealed and Frazer's brother Ringo Brown came to find him and ended up moving in. Carmella came to stay here after she was thrown out of No.24 and Will's brother Oliver Barnes lived her briefly as her boyfriend but left after he started dating Elle Robinson. Frazer threw Carmella out after her affair with Ringo was revealed. Pepper left in November 2007 for a job in Queensland along with her new boyfriend Adam Rhodes. Daniel Fitzgerald moved in in 2008, after asking Frazer and Rosie if there were any spare rooms and getting the okay from his student Ringo. In April 2008, Frazer and Rosie left for an extended trip to Italy and Ringo moved in with the Kennedy-Kinskis. Samantha Fitzgerald moved into the house briefly in April 2008, but moved out when she left her husband Dan.

In 2008, Toadie took in youngster Callum Jones after his grandmother became ill and was unable to care for him. He has applied for permanent guardianship of Callum.

In early 2009, before Daniel Fitzgerald had married Libby Kennedy, Libby and her son Ben moved into Number 30. In October 2009, Lou moved in after Lyn chucked him out of No. 26, one of her conditions for letting him work at Harold's Store again.

Current Residents

Actor Character Resident
Ryan Moloney Toadfish Rebecchi 1998-2006, 2008-
Morgan Baker Callum Jones 2008-
Kym Valentine Libby Kennedy-Fitzgerald 2009-
Blake O'Leary Ben Kirk 2009-
Scott Major Lucas Fitzgerald 2009-
Tom Oliver Lou Carpenter 2009-

No. 32

Number 32, originally Number 19, was first seen in 1986 when Nell Mangel moved in with her granddaughter Jane Harris. In 1987 she took Harold Bishop in as a lodger but he left after he married Madge Mitchell and moved in with her. In 1988 Mrs. Mangel's son Joe Mangel moved to the area along with son Toby Mangel and dog Bouncer. Also that year Mrs. Mangel left after she married John Worthington, signing Number 32 over to Joe.

In 1989 Jane left following the breakdown of her engagement to Des Clarke, meanwhile Joe got engaged to Kerry Bishop and she moved in with him along with her daughter Sky. They later took in lodger Matt Robinson. Kerry was shot by duck hunters in 1990 and Joe was devastated. Around this time, Melanie Pearson also moved in when Des sold Number 28 to the Willis family. Matt later left to join mother Hilary Robinson in Adelaide.

Joe later got over Kerry and got engaged to Melanie. The pair were married and sold Number 32 and left together along with Sky, while Toby moved in with Dorothy Burke. After this the house was bought by the Daniel's corporation and was rented to such people as Beth Willis, Cameron Hudson and Marco Alessi. Helen Daniels evicted Cameron and Beth in 1992 and they went to live with Lou Carpenter. Helen's granddaughter Julie Martin moved in with husband Philip Martin, his children Michael and Debbie and the couple's only child together Hannah. Helen moved in with the family in 1993 but they all moved over to No.26 after Jim Robinson died.

Philip bought Number 32 off Helen and rented it out. The first people to rent the house were Malcolm Kennedy and Danni Stark who trying to make a go of it as an independent couple however their union was short-lived. Next Phil rented the property to Angie Rebecchi who moved in with her two sons Stonefish and Toadfish. Stonie's girlfriend Catherine O'Brien lived with them briefly. Later that year Stonie and Angie moved up north and Philip rented the house to Ruth Wilkinson along with her two children Anne and Lance. They stayed there until 1998 when Philip and Ruth began dating and eventually. In 1998 the house was rented to lecturer Mike Healey so he could be closer to girlfriend Libby Kennedy.

In 1999 Teresa Bell lived here and Anne Wilkinson moved back following her mother's move out of the area, Teresa also lived with her ex-husband Brendan, her co-worker Daniel Fitzgerald and her friend Dee Bliss. Dee and Tess tried to buy the house when Phil put it on the market but it was bought instead by Evan Hancock who moved in with wife Maggie, his son Matt and Evan and Maggie's children Leo and Emily. The next year the Hancock family faced huge legal costs and sold the house to Malcolm Kennedy before leaving town. Malcolm rented the property briefly to Isabella Garvey and her son Saxon but Isabella was ill and had to go to hospital while Saxon briefly moved in with Harold Bishop.

The house was then rented to Max Hoyland and his children Boyd and Summer. In 2003 Stephanie Scully moved in when she started dating Max and the two later married. Max's sister Isabelle Hoyland also moved in later that year and stayed here when she was not living with one of her older lovers. In 2004 Max bought the house from Mal. In 2005 Summer left to go to boarding school. In 2006, Boyd married Janae Timmins they lived here as a couple before moving into No. 30 but moved back again later on. Stephanie also gave birth to her and Max's son Charlie.

Later that year after running down and killing Cameron Robinson, his sister Elle began to start playing tricks on Max to make him think he was losing his mind. Max lost his mind and promptly left because felt he was unwanted in the street. When Steph's friend Toadie Rebecchi heard this he came back to town living at No.32 because his house was full, he left when he Steph began to grow feelings toward each other and when Boyd found out he wasn't pleased and Toadie went to live in the law offices. Boyd was also effected by Max's disappearance and went off to look for him in Tasmania when he came back he revealed to Janae that he had kissed a girl while he was there but she forgave him.

When Toadie left Steph took in Ned Parker as a lodger at the end of the year there was a stakeout involving Steph, Charlie and Toadie and Katya Kinski and her brother Zeke who were being tormented by Katya's ex-boyfriend Guy Sykes. Toadie managed to get everyone to safety but was shot through the window and moved in to No.28. Meanwhile Elle had found Max and together with Janae convinced him to move back to Ramsay Street, Elle had owed up to what she had done had done to Max. Steph felt awful for not believing Max so thought to give their marriage another try but it didn't last so Max moved away and Summer returned one last time to say goodbye to her home in Ramsay St. Max and Steph later divorced with Steph getting Number 32 in the divorce settlement. Meanwhile Glenn Forrest the girl who Boyd had kissed in Tasmania came to Ramsay Street and revealed the full extent of their affair to Janae.

Glenn's presence was too much for Boyd and Janae and their marriage came to an end when Boyd chose Glenn over Janae. They divorced and Janae moved back in with her family, and Glenn moved back to Tasmania after realising that Boyd had never gotten over Janae. After Max's departure, Steph and Toadie decided to give things another try and Toadie moved back into No.32. In summer 2007, Boyd decided he had nothing to stick around for now his family had all left and his marriage had failed, so when his ex-girlfriend Sky Mangel was heading up North he decided to join her. In late 2007, Steph's grandmother Valda Sheergold moved in to No.32. Later Toadie moved out after his and Steph's disastrous non-wedding. Not long after that Valda decided to return to Shelley Bay. Steph's friend Libby Kennedy and her son Ben Kirk moved in shortly afterward. Steph let her new barman Ty Harper move in when she discovered him sleeping in the office of Charlie's.

Libby Kennedy and Ben Kirk had later moved out in early 2009 as Libby was now married to Daniel Fitzgerald.

For a brief stint in Late March 2009 Rebecca Napier and son Declan Napier moved in with Steph, Charlie and Ty Harper as they had nowhere to go and had a disagreement with the Parker family.

Rebecca and Declan later moved back in with the Parkers at Number 26 in late April/early May 2009.

Ty Harper had left Ramsay Street in Late April 2009 as he had left to join his girlfriend Rachel Kinski in London.

Zeke Kinski moved in with Steph and Charlie in June 2009 as Karl Kennedy and Susan Kennedy had banned Zeke and new foreign exchange student Sunny Lee from starting a relationship as they are like brother and sister.

Zeke later moved back home, and Steph and Charlie moved out after she bought No. 26. Libby and Dan planned to buy the house but put the plans on hold.

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