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Ray may refer to:

  • Batoidea (Rays, skates and sawfish), a superorder of cartilaginous fishes
  • Ray , idealized narrow beam of light
  • Ray or half-line in geometry or physics
  • A bony or horny spine in the fin of a fish; see lepidotrichia and Actinopterygii
  • Medullary ray in wood
  • Ray system of impact crater formations on planets or moons with sparse atmospheres
  • Sun Ray, a thin-client solution aimed at corporate environments


In geography:

In fiction:
  • Ray , DC Comics character
  • Ray , manga about a female doctor with X-ray vision

In film:
  • Ray , a 2004 movie biography of singer Ray Charles

In music:
  • Ray , album by Japanese rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel
  • Ray , album by British pop band Frazier Chorus
  • Ray , album by Japanese rock band Panic Channel
  • Rays , 2006 album by country-rock star and former Monkee Michael Nesmith
  • Ray , soundtrack of the film Ray
  • "Ray" , single by Swedish punk rock band Millencolin
  • Ray Ray, an album by musician Raphael Saadiq
  • The Rays, American musical group active in the 1950s


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