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Real Oviedo, S.A.D. is a historically important Spanishmarker football team from Oviedomarker. Founded on March 26, 1926, they were the first team from Asturiasmarker ever to play in the Primera División.

It is playing the 2009-2010 season in Segunda División B - Group 2, having been promoted from Tercera División.

They play in blue shirts and white shorts in the Nuevo Carlos Tartiere stadiummarker, which seats 30,500 spectators. The club has about 10,500 ticket holders; the average attendance during the regular season reaches 6,000 supporters.


Though they originally played in the Primera División shortly after its inception, the gap caused by the Civil War meant that the club could not push on from earlier successes. until the arrival of one of its greatest players, Tristán Esperanza. When La Liga play resumed in 1939, Real Oviedo were relegated to the second division, as their pitch was deemed unplayable — Franco's troops had used the stadium as an ammunition dump. For many years afterwards, Oviedo bounced between the Primera (38 seasons) and Segunda (32 seasons); their high point was qualifying for the UEFA Cup, while their low point was relegation to the Segunda B in 1978 for a single season.

Promoted to the Primera División in 1988, they remained there until the 2000–01 season, at one point finishing as high as sixth (in 1990-91). After being relegated from the Primera in 2002-03, Real Oviedo suffered severe economic troubles, which, when coupled with a profound lack of institutional support from the city's government, resulted in the team's inability to pay its players. Oviedo were then forced to drop all the way into the Tercera División the fourth division of the Spanish football league system, for the 2003-04 season. At this point the team nearly folded, but they recovered, regrouped, and were promoted to Segunda 'B' in 2004-05. However, they lasted only two seasons there and were again relegated to Tercera. They were promoted to the Segunda 'B' in 2008-09, beating Real Mallorca B in a play-off decided by a penalty shoot-out. The team's survival remains at risk due to its continuing financial difficulties.

In the all-time league table for the Spanish top division, Real Oviedo are in 16th place.


Current squad



Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1928/29 7th
1929/30 5th
1930/31 8th
1931/32 2nd
1932/33 1st
1933/34 6th
1934/35 3rd
1935/36 3rd
1940/41 8th
1941/42 11th
1942/43 6th
1943/44 4th
1944/45 4th
1945/46 5th
1946/47 8th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1947/48 9th
1948/49 5th
1949/50 14th
1950/51 6th
1951/52 1st
1952/53 9th
1953/54 15th
1954/55 2nd
1955/56 2nd
1956/57 4th
1957/58 1st
1958/59 11th
1959/60 6th
1960/61 13th
1961/62 10th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1962/63 3rd
1963/64 14th
1964/65 15th
1965/66 4th
1966/67 5th
1967/68 6th
1968/69 11th
1969/70 7th
1970/71 14th
1971/72 1st
1972/73 12th
1973/74 18th
1974/75 1st
1975/76 16th
1976/77 5th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1977/78 17th
1978/79 2ªB 2nd
1979/80 11th
1980/81 10th
1981/82 16th
1982/83 12th
1983/84 13th
1984/85 16th
1985/86 8th
1986/87 14th
1987/88 4th
1988/89 12th
1989/90 11th
1990/91 6th
1991/92 11th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
1992/93 16th
1993/94 9th
1994/95 9th
1995/96 14th
1996/97 17th
1997/98 18th
1998/99 14th
1990/00 16th
2000/01 18th
2001/02 7th
2002/03 21st
2003/04 1st
2004/05 1st
2005/06 2ªB 7th
2006/07 2ªB 19th
Season Division Place Copa del Rey
2007/08 1st
2008/09 1st
2009/10 2ªB

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Sporsonships and manufacturers

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor
1990–91 Kelme CLAS
1991–93 Cajastur
1993–98 Joluvi
1998–00 erima None
2000–01 Puma
2001–03 Principality of Asturias
2003–08 Joluvi
2008–present Nikemarker

Real Oviedo B

The reserve team, which have played this season 2008-09 in Primera Regional, second regional category of Asturias, have promoted to a superior category, Regional Preferente, having finished in first place in regular tournament.

It has been renamed Real Oviedo Vetusta. Vetusta was the name originally used before the RFEF decree banning unique reserve club names in the early 1990s.

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