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Regionalisation is the tendency to form regions, or the process of doing so.

Regionalisation can be observed in various disciplines:

  • In geography, it is the process of delineating the Earth into regions.
  • In globalization discourse, it represents a world that becomes less interconnected, with a stronger regional focus.
  • In politics, it is the process of dividing a political entity or country into smaller jurisdictions (administrative divisions or subnational units) and transferring power from the central government to the regions; the opposite of unitarisation. See Regionalism .
  • In sport, it is when a team has multiple "home" venues in different cities. Examples of regionalised teams include a few teams in the defunct American Basketball Association, or the Green Bay Packers when they played in both Green Bay and Milwaukee.
  • In linguistics, it is when a prestige language adopts features of a regional language, such as how, in medieval times, Church Latin developed regional pronunciation differences in Italymarker, Francemarker, Spainmarker, and Englandmarker.

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