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Resistance is a Marxist-Leninist youth organisation with its national headquarters in Sydneymarker. Resistance works closely with the Democratic Socialist Perspective (DSP), a tendency within the Socialist Alliance, though it is said to be formally independent.

Resistance was formed in 1967 out of the Sydney University Socialist Club and the Vietnam Action Campaign. The original name for the organisation was SCREW, said either to stand for Society for the Cultivation of Rebellion Every Where, or Sydney Committee for Revolution and Emancipation of the Working Class. After a few months the name was changed to Resistance, and at the founding national conference in 1970 the name was changed to Socialist Youth Alliance, to be changed back to Resistance 10 years later.

When the DSP and several other groups formed the Socialist Alliance in early 2001, Resistance gave its solidarity but did not affiliate to the Alliance until late 2003.

Membership is restricted to Australian citizens and residents below the age of 26 years. As a youth organisation, Resistance campaigns as a group of young people within the social movements rather than only focusing on issues relating to youth.

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