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Measurement Resolution

  • Display resolution, the level of information on a display device, such as a monitor
  • Temporal resolution, the sampling frequency of a digital audio device
  • Optical resolution, the capability of an optical system to distinguish find, and/or record details
  • Angular resolution, the capability of an optical or other sensor to discern small objects
  • Spectral resolution, the capability of an optical system to distuinguish different frequencies
  • Sensor resolution
  • Resolution , the quality of an X-ray crystallography data set
  • Resolution the ability to distinguish peaks in a mass spectrum
  • Image resolution, a measure of the amount of detail in an image
  • Bit resolution, or Bit depth, may refer to Color depth or Audio bit depth
  • Printing resolution, the number of individual dots of ink or toner a printer can produce within a unit of earth (e.g., dots per inch)


  • Corporate resolution, a legal document defining which individuals are authorized to act on behalf of a corporation
  • Resolution plc, a defunct major manager of in-force UK life funds acquired by Pearl Group in 2008
  • Resolution Limited, a Guernsey-based investor in insurance companies
  • Resolution Copper, a copper mining project in near Superior, Arizona
  • Resolution, directors decision finalised in general meetings


Naval vessels

Merchant vessels

  • The Resolution , an American trading vessel whose crew were massacred in Cumshewa Inlet, Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia, Canada in 1794
  • TIV Resolution, the world's first Turbine Installation Vessel




  • Resolutions , a second series episode of Star Trek: Voyager
  • Resolution , a novel by Robert B. Parker, a Western, sequel to Appaloosa

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