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Rex is the Latin word for "king" (see also King of Rome). In the English language, Rex is a male given name.

Notable people


  • Rex Connor (1907-1977), Australian politician
  • Rex Hunt (1926), former British Governor of the Falkland Islands
  • Rex E. Lee (1937-1996), former U.S. Solicitor General

Entertainment and arts

  • Rex Beach (1877-1949), American novelist and playwright
  • Rex Smith (1955), American entertainer
  • Rex Stout (1886-1975), American author
  • Rex Hunt (1949), Australian television and radio personality and former football player
  • Rex Murphy (1947), Canadian commentator
  • Rex Navarrete (1969), Filipino American comedian
  • Rex Newmark (1984), British television personality
  • Rex Reed (born 1938), American journalist and film critic.

Film, TV and stage


  • Rex Allen (1920-1999), American actor and singer
  • Rex Allen, Jr. (born 1947), American singer and son of the above
  • Rex Brown (1964), former bassist of heavy metal band Pantera
  • Rex , an alternative rock band
  • Rex Gildo (1939-1999), German singer
  • Rex Goudie (1985), Canadian singer and 2005 Canadian Idol runner-up
  • Rex Liu (1982), British-Canadian classical bassoonist
  • Rex , a 2008 album by Keller Williams, Keith Moseley and Jeff Austin



Fictional dogs

  • Rex, the sheepdog from the 1995 Academy Award winning film Babe

Other fictional characters


  • Tyrannosaurus, often called T. rex, a species of dinosaur of the genus Tyrannosaurus
  • Othnielia rex, a species of dinosaur belonging to the Hypsilophodont family
  • Balaeniceps rex, the Shoebill, a species of bird with a very distinct bill
  • The Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex cat breeds
  • The Rex and the Mini Rex, rabbit breeds and type of fur in rabbits
  • Rex , a dog once owned by Ronald Reagan
  • Rex the Wonder Horse, star of 15 Hollywood motion pictures
  • Rex Murphy, a parrot owned by Tom Green, named after the Canadian commentator



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