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Rezé (Breton: Reudied, Gallo: Rezae) is a commune in the Loire-Atlantiquemarker department in western Francemarker.

It was also called Ratiate in the Middle Ages and Rezay in the High Middle Ages.

Inhabitants of Rezé are called Rezéens.



Place of the Rezé commune in the department of Loire-Atlantique
The commune is surrounded by the communes of Nantesmarker, Vertoumarker, Les Sorinièresmarker, Pont-Saint-Martin and Bouguenais. It is limited north by the Loiremarker, east by the Sèvre Nantaisemarker and the Ilette, west by the Jaguère and south by the boulevard périphérique of Nantes.


Rezé dates back to the Roman era, when it was known as Portus Ratiatus (port of Rezé) and Ratiatum Pictonum Portus (picton port of Rezé). Being populated by the Ambilatres - Armorican Gauls - Rezé was an important port on the south shore of the Loiremarker and a place for meetings and trade between the various Celtic tribes of the region (Veneti, Namnetes, Ambilatres, Andecavis and Pictones).


List of previous mayors
Period Identity Political Party Position
March 1790-January 1791 Louis Michel Dupré Villaine (1735-1806) Royalist
April 1791-December 1792 Pierre François Huard (1755-1814) Republican
December 1792-March 1796 Ambroise Alphonse Le Coûteux (1740-1805) Constitutional
April 1796-August 1800 Pierre François Huard (1755-1814) Republican
August 1800-October 1803 Pierre François Huard (1755-1814) Republican
October 1803-August 1807 Jean-Baptiste Ertaud (1763-1840) Republican
August 1807-April 1820 Jean François Ertaud (1769-1840) Governmental
April 1820-August 1830 Joseph de Monti de Rezé (1766-1850) Legitimist
August 1830-November 1844 Pierre Giraud (1789-1844) Orléanist General Council
December 1844-March 1848 Joseph Delaville Leroux (1775-1855) Orléanist
March 1848-September 1848 Arsène Leloup (1803-1876) Republican
September 1848-March 1864 Philémon Chenantais (1805-1883) Bonapartist
March 1864-September 1870 Hippolyte Aguesse (1799-1875) Governmental
October 1870-October 1875 Hippolyte Aguesse (1799-1875) Governmental
October 1875-August 1876 Félix Chauvelon (1825-1888) Republican
October 1876-May 1878 Julien Albert (1807-1878) Republican
May 1878-January 1890 Joseph Raphaël Lancelot (1832-1890) Republican
March 1890-May 1896 Georges Grignon Dumoulin (1845-1904) Republican
May 1896-May 1908 Ernest Sauvestre (1849-1932) Radical Republican
May 1908-May 1929 Jean Baptiste Vigier (1863-1940) Republican Conseiller d'arrondissement
May 1929-May 1935 Charles Rivière (1870-1947) Radical Socialist
May 1935-December 1936 Léon Taugeron (1886-1961) Radical Socialist
December 1936-March 1941 Jean Vignais (1878-1954) Radical Socialist
March 1941-September 1944 Alexandre Le Lamer (1873-1950) Right
September 1944-May 1945 Jean Vignais (1878-1954) Radical Socialist
May 1945-March 1949 Arthur Boutin (1903-1980) SFIO General Council
March 1949-March 1959 Georges Albert Bénezet (1892-1970) RPF
March 1959-February 1978 Alexandre Plancher (1909-1978) SFIO General Council
April 1978-February 1999 Jacques Floch (1938- ) PSmarker Deputy
Since February 1999 Gilles Retière (1947- ) PSmarker
Source : Yann Vince, "Rezé, histoire municipale" éditions Hérault, 1997

Since the municipal elections of 1977, the city council has always been filled in the first round of voting.


(residents of multiple communes only counted once since 1962)

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