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Rhythmbox is an audio player that plays and helps organize digital music. Originally inspired by Applemarker's iTunes, it is free software, designed to work well under the GNOME Desktop using the GStreamer media framework.


Rhythmbox offers a growing number of features, including:

Music playback

Playback from a variety of digital music sources is supported. The most common playback is music stored locally as files on the computer (the 'Library'). Rhythmbox supports playing streamed Internet radio and podcasts as well. The Replay Gain standard is supported by using GConf-editor.

Searching and sorting of music in the library is supported. Playlists may be created to group and order music. Users may also create 'smart playlists,' ones that are automatically updated (like a database query) based on a customized rule of selection criteria rather than an arbitrary list of tracks. Music may be played back in shuffle (random) mode or repeat mode.

Track ratings are supported and used by the shuffle mode algorithm to play higher-rated tracks more often.

Gapless playback

Enabling the crossfading backend option with a duration of 0.0 switches Rhythmbox into gapless playback mode for music formats that support it. Gapless playback is not enabled by default.

While formats like FLAC and Ogg Vorbis can be played back seamlessly with the crossfading backend, gapless MP3 playback is still not currently supported, even with files that have a Lame encoding tag indicating actual song length.

Music importing

  • Audio CD ripping (requires the optional Sound Juicer package)
  • Comprehensive audio format support through GStreamer
  • iPod support (experimental)

Audio CD burning

Since the 0.9 release, Rhythmbox can create audio CDs from playlists.

Album cover display

Since the 0.9.5 release, Rhythmbox can display cover art of the currently playing album. However, rather than reading the embedded ID3 tags for album artwork, the plugin searches the internet to find corresponding artwork. If an image file is saved in the same directory as the audio track this is used instead.

Song lyrics display

Since the 0.9.5 release, Rhythmbox can provide song lyrics of the currently playing song (as long as they are stored in a lyrics database like leoslyrics). support

Since the 0.9.6 release, Rhythmbox can submit played songs info to your account (known as "scrobbling"). Since release 0.9.7 it can also play's radio streams.

Jamendo support

Since the 0.9.6 release, Rhythmbox can browse and play all the Jamendo free (as in freedom) music library.

DAAP sharing

Version 0.10.0 supports DAAP sharing.


Rhythmbox can be easily integrated into the GNOME Panel.

Rhythmbox has been extensively integrated with a number of external programs, services and devices including:

  • Nautilus file manager context-menu integration, "hover mode" playback in Nautilus
  • XChat, via an XChat plugin. Rhythmbox XChat Announcer written in Perl
  • Pidgin-Rhythmbox automatically updates the Pidgin user profile with details of the currently playing track
  • Gajim and Pidgin include options for automatically updating the user status with details of currently playing track
  • aMSN, can change user's personal message to current track via a "music" plugin, similar to Messenger Plus! Live
  • Music Applet (previously known as the Rhythmbox Applet), a GNOME panel applet that provides Rhythmbox playback controls from within the panel
  • Shuffle, a gDesklet providing an interface for Rhythmbox resembling an iPod Shuffle
  • Rhythmlet, another gDesklet that retrieves album art locally or from, has configurable display strings, playback controls, editable ratings and a seek bar
  • SideCandyRhythmbox, a gDesklet-based Rhythmbox control and SideCandy display
  • Rhythmbox XSLT allows the music library to be viewed as a web page
  • Drivel inserts the name of the track Rhythmbox is currently playing into a LiveJournal blog entry
  • Rhythmbox Tune Publisher publishes the currently playing Rhythmbox track to XMPP via the User Tune protocol (used by the Jabber World Map)
  • FoxyTunes, a Mozilla Firefox extension that provides Rhythmbox playback controls from within the web browser
  • Plugins for browsing and listening to Creative Commons licensed albums from Jamendo and Magnatune.


Rhythmbox uses the Linux Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) to detect player devices.

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