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Ribeira da Barca
Ribera da Barka

Island: Santiagomarker
Municipality: N/A

Distance from the island capital: N/A


about 5 m

Ribeira da Barca (Cape Verdean Creole, written in ALUPEC: Ribera da Barka), is a village located in the western part of the island of Santiagomarker, Cape Verdemarker, it is located northwest of the island capital of Praiamarker and west of Assomadamarker. The village is linked with the major road linking with to Assomadamarker and several remote roads.


The area around Ribeira da Barca are very rocky, bushy and grassy rocky mountains surround the town and a bay is to the west overlooking the Atlantic. Farmlands are within the coastline and the village. The farm size is very small and they are the size of the farm is only the equivalent to almost the basketball or a volleyball field.


A part of the houses were built in the late-20th century, most of the older homes are built with mud and brick as well as stone. The living standards are in the low to middle range as well as its income, one time, there were no money until the mid-20th century. The village is near the island's middle class. A part of the population are farmers and are based in agriculture where banana plantations, pineapple, livestock and other crops including fruits and vegetables are common, the rest works in shops, ports and other businesses. Electricity as well as communications, other necessities and phone lines arrived between the mid to late 20th century, the countryside rarely receive these necessities.


Ribeira Da Barca offers panoramic views of its mountains on the west of the island, the island of Fogomarker can be seen.


Ribeira da Barca has a school school, a middle school, churches and a square (pra├ža or prasa). Its nearest secondary schools is in Assomada.

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