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Richard Wayne Bandler PhD D. LITT (born February 24, 1950) is an Americanmarker author on personal development. He is best known as the co-inventor (with John Grinder) of Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), a collection of concepts and techniques—collectively referred to by Bandler as technologies—intended to understand and change human behavior patterns. He also developed follow-up systems known as Design Human Engineering (DHE) and Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning (NHR).

Note that there is another Richard Bandler who is an editor of the conference proceedings of several technical conferences on neuro-physiology.

Education and Background

Bandler holds a BA (1973) in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) and an MA (1975) in Psychology from Lone Mountain College in San Francisco.

Neuro-linguistic programming

Neuro-linguistic programming is also called NLP.

Co-founding of NLP

Richard Bandler was invited by the psychiatrist Robert Spitzer, to attend, record and transcribe a teaching seminar of family therapist Virginia Satir. He was later hired to assist Spitzer edit one of gestalt therapist Fritz Perls' (who had recently died) books, The Gestalt Approach (1973) and to assist with checking transcripts for Eye Witness to Therapy (1973). According to Spitzer, "[Bandler] came out of it talking and acting like Fritz Perls."

While Bandler was a student at University of California, Santa Cruzmarker he also led a Gestalt therapy group. John Grinder, who came to observe, said to Bandler that he could explain almost all of the questions and comments Bandler made using transformational grammar, the topic in linguistics that Grinder specialized in. They developed a model for therapy and called it the meta-model. It became their first book, The Structure of Magic, Volume I (1975). Bandler was Gregory Bateson's landlord, who taught at UCSC, Kresge Collegemarker as did Grinder, and had moved to a community on Alba Road near the Santa Cruzmarker mountains community of Ben Lomond. Bateson would have a profound influence on Bandler's future, he introduced Bandler and Grinder to Milton Erickson, which formed some of the foundational models for Neuro-linguistic programming. In 1975 Bandler then formed his own publishing company, Meta Publications, and published Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson Volume I (1975).

Bandler and Grinder went on to author The Structure of Magic Volume II (1976), Patterns of the Hypnotic Techniques of Milton H. Erickson Volume II (1977) and Changing With Families (1976), which was co-authored with Virginia Satir herself.

Richard Bandler has also contributed to many of the models and techniques that are now taught in NLP. For example, meta model, Milton model, anchoring, swish pattern, reframing, belief change, nesting loops, chaining states, and submodalities applications.

Bandler also modeled Israeli physicist and founder of the Feldenkrais school of body work, Moshe Feldenkrais, and later published his book "The Elusive Obvious". In many of his classes, he has taught elements of this form of bodywork which he modeled.

Since that time, Bandler's career has focused on developing and presenting NLP and related concepts as an author, publisher, public speaker, and consultant. Audiences include individuals seeking life improvements, and businesses using these concepts and techniques to improve sales.

Corine Christensen Case

On November 3, 1986, Corine Christensen, a woman Bandler knew, was shot in the face at close range and died of her wounds. The incident occurred during a visit at her home from Bandler and his friend, James Marino. Authorities found Christensen slumped over her dining table and her blood sprayed on Bandler's shirt. Bandler and Marino agreed that the two of them visited Christensen at the time of the murder and were the only ones present. Bandler and Marino each testified that the other behaved in an erratic, violent and scary manner, that escalated to the murder of Christensen. They agreed that neither attempted to obtain medical help for Christensen or to contact the police promptly. Bandler was charged with murder and Marino was not. The jury found the contradictions of the stories sufficiently confusing that they acquitted Bandler on January 29, 1988.

Mother Jones article

Two years after the trial, Mother Jones magazine published an article that made several highly negative claims about Bandler. The article claimed: After Bandler and Grinder abruptly stopped working together in 1980 and Bandler's wife divorced him the following year, Bandler had trouble attracting clients and he began to addictively use cocaine and alcohol. Christensen, the daughter of a San Francisco policeman, and her boyfriend, James Marino, a convicted felon who Bandler called his best friend, were Bandler's cocaine suppliers. Marino claimed that he told Bandler that Christensen was having a lesbian affair with the writer’s live-in girlfriend. Bandler had a reputation for moodiness and unpredictability, including threatening to shoot others.


In 1980 Bandler's company Not Ltd had reported earnings of more than US$800,000. By the end of 1980 Bandler's collaboration with Grinder—they lectured, trained and co-authored—abruptly ended and his wife filed for divorce (after two years of marriage).

In July 1996 Bandler filed suit against John Grinder and again in January 1997 against Grinder and numerous members of the NLP community including Carmen Bostic-St. Clair and Steve and Connirae Andreas. Bandler claimed trademark infringement, intellectual property ownership of NLP, conspiratorial tortious interference and breach of settlement agreement and permanent injunction by Grinder.[32485] [32486] [32487]

By the end of 2000 some sort of rapprochement between Bandler and Grinder was achieved when the parties entered a release wherein they inter alia agreed that "they are the co-creators and co-founders of the technology of Neuro-linguistic Programming. Drs. Grinder and Bandler recognize the efforts and contributions of each other in the creation and initial development of NLP." In the same document, "Dr. John Grinder and Dr. Richard Bandler mutually agree to refrain from disparaging each other's efforts, in any fashion, concerning their respective involvement in the field of NeuroLinguistic Programming." ("Release" reproduced as Appendix A of Whispering in the Wind by Grinder and Bostic St Clair (2001)).

Other works

Since the early 1980s when Grinder and Bandler stopped working together, Bandler developed several trademarked techniques he calls the fields of Design Human Engineering(tm), which is similar to Dr Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary, and Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning(tm). Bandler says that these technologies differ significantly from NLP in that they are claimed to be more direct and effective as interventions. Other works since that time include Using Your Brain for a Change (1985), Magic in Action (1992) Time for a Change (1995), Persuasion Engineering (1996) (co-author John LaValle) The Adventures of Anybody (1993), and Conversations (2005) (co-author Owen Fitzpatrick). Richard Bandler continues to deliver seminars in NLP, NHR and DHE throughout the world .


Audio Publications

  • 2000 - DHE2000, Design human engineering workshop with Barb Stepp at Excellence Quest in Chicago.
  • 2000's - "Your Own Personal Genius" - a UK seminar
  • 2008/9 Licensed Practitioner,Master practitioner of NLP and Personal Enhancment Workshop. London NLP Life Training

Video Publications

Some videos have no mention of date on them.

Videos with Richard Bandler in them.

  • 1982
    • The Marshall University Tapes, Filmed circa 1982, Richard has spoken about these 3 sessions in many of his seminars. 1. Anticipatory Loss 2. Authority Figures 3. Phobic Response
  • 1987
    • Personal Outcomes, filmed at NLP Comprehensive.
  • 1989
    • Client Sessions, Shyness,
  • 80's
    • Patterns of Intimacy, Flirtation, class on how to flirt.
    • Bandler in Montreal, workshop in Montreal.
  • 90's
    • An Evening with Richard Bandler - State of the Art, taped in England.
    • Bandler down under, doing a workshop in Australia.
  • 2000
    • Konstanz 2000 - Welcome to Reality, workshop in Konstanz, Germany, Richard shares his latest developments and refinements, stories and inductions, an introduction to NLP-DHE-NHR.
  • 2003
    • Ascona, Bandler strategies, seminar in Ascona, Switzerland.
    • The Art and Science of Nested Loops,
    • Trancing in and out,
    • How to Live a Happy Life, 30 Years of NLP,
  • 2005
    • It's all about Time,
    • The Class of a Master,
  • 2000's
    • Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning, Introduction to NHR with a very nice demonstration of the "handshake interrupt" hypnosis induction on four different participants.
    • Persuasion Engineering, With John Lavalle.
    • The Bandler Effect, Bandler wearing a suit.

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