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Robert Rechsteiner (born March 9, 1961) better known by his ring name Rick Steiner, is an Americanmarker professional wrestler.

Steiner is best known for his appearances with the National Wrestling Alliance, World Championship Wrestling, World Wrestling Federation, and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, both as a singles wrestler and one half of the tag team The Steiner Brothers with his younger brother, Scott.


Rechsteiner was an amateur wrestling standout at the University of Michiganmarker, placing second at the Big Ten Championships in 1983. While there, he was introduced to professional wrestling by George "The Animal" Steele, and entered the business immediately out of college. He initially wrestled under the name Rob Rechsteiner before he took on the simpler stage name Rick Steiner. He spent time in the American Wrestling Association, Montrealmarker promotion International Wrestling, and the Universal Wrestling Federation before going to work for the National Wrestling Alliance in 1988.

National Wrestling Alliance / World Championship Wrestling (1988–1992)

He formed an early tag team with Sting in the UWF and was a charter member of the faction known as "The Varsity Club" along with Mike Rotunda and their manager Kevin Sullivan, with the long-term angle being that Rotundo was favored by Sullivan and both of them looked at Steiner as their dull-witted underling. Eventually, this would lead to a break-up and Steiner subsequently became a fan favorite before winning the Television Championship from Rotunda at Starrcade.

In early 1989, his brother Scott began accompanying him to the ring and eventually, the two formed The Steiner Brothers. The team proved they were a serious tag tean by defeating the Freebirds for the World Tag Team Championship in November 1989. The pair continued to dominate in the NWA (and later World Championship Wrestling), as NWA superterritory Jim Crockett Promotions came to be known), winning multiple championships and making occasional trips to New Japan Pro Wrestling. It was during this time that Rick earned the nickname "The Dog-Faced Gremlin" from both fans and commentators, which he would later have added to his ring attire.

World Wrestling Federation (1992–1994)

The two jumped to the World Wrestling Federation (WWF), WCW's biggest competitor, in December 1992 after then WCW-head Bill Watts lowballed them on a contract extension and then gave them the option for an early release from their present contracts. They found success there as well, winning the Tag Team Championship from Money Inc. (Ted DiBiase and Irwin R. Schyster) on two occasions.

The Steiners left the WWF later that year, with Rick stating that he felt that Vince McMahon wasn't following through with promises made to the team.

Extreme Championship Wrestling (1995)

The Steiner Brothers debuted in Extreme Championship Wrestling on July 28, 1995, defeating Dudley Dudley and Vampire Warrior. A few days later on August 4, they defeated Dudley Dudley and 2 Cold Scorpio. The following day, the Steiner Brothers made their debut in the ECW Arenamarker at Wrestlepalooza, wher they teamed with Eddie Guerrero in a loss to Scorpio, Dean Malenko, and Cactus Jack. On August 25, they defeated Scorpio and Malenko and then Scorpio and Chris Benoit the following evening. On August 28, they defeated Dudley Dudley and Dances With Dudley.

At Gangstas' Paradise on September 16, 1995, the Steiner Brothers teamed with Taz in a loss to The Eliminators (John Kronus and Perry Saturn) and Jason. On September 23, they defeated Raven and Stevie Richards. Rick made his final ECW appearance on October 28, teaming with Taz in a loss to The Eliminators in a tag team match.

Return to WCW (1996–2001)

Upon returning to WCW, they found renewed championship success, winning the World Tag Team Championship once again from Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray) in July.

In 1998, the Steiner Brothers disbanded when Scott turned on Rick, becoming a villain before subsequently joining the New World Order (nWo) faction. Rick and Scott feuded for several months afterward. Although Scott gained newfound singles success in the nWo as "Big Poppa Pump", Rick languished in the singles ranks, often disappearing and reappearing in angles after absences of several months.

After a few months, however, Rick engaged in notable feuds with Chris Benoit, Sting, and Booker T over the World Television Championship. In 2001, he become a member of Ric Flair's villainous group The Magnificent Seven with his brother Scott. Before WCW closed its doors, Rick managed to capture the United States Heavyweight Championship before losing the title to Booker T a few weeks before the final Nitro.

Following WCW's closure, Steiner continued to wrestle in local venues and made several appearances with former fellow WCW superstar Buff Bagwell around the southeast and in Japanmarker for Pro Wrestling Noah.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (2002, 2003, 2006, 2007–2008)

Steiner debuted for TNA on the very first show on June 19, 2002. He participated in the 20-Man Gauntlet for the Gold match to crown the first World Heavyweight Champion in TNA, which was won by Ken Shamrock. Steiner made a short-lived return to TNA in October 2003, brawling with Jeff Jarrett. Steiner returned to TNA on the May 4, 2006 episode of Impact! as a possible partner for Sting at the pay-per-view Sacrifice. He made a second appearance on May 11 in a similar role.

Rick and Scott reunited at Sacrifice after Scott and Tomko lost a World Tag Team Championship match, leading to the Steiners attacking Tomko. On the episode of Impact! following Sacrifice, the Steiners busted down the door to Jim Cornette's office and asked for Cornette to have Team 3D meet them in the ring the next week for an opportunity at the World Tag Team Title. However, the match never transpired due to Scott needing emergency surgery after damaging his trachea during a match in Puerto Rico. Scott was then replaced by Road Warrior Animal at Slammiversary, where Rick and Animal lost to Team 3D for the World Tag Team Title.

At Victory Road, he interfered in the Match of Champions by attacking the referee during Brother Devon's pinfall attempt on Kurt Angle. Steiner and Devon then brawled outside the ring. A month later at Hard Justice, Scott returned to the ring following his recovery and the reunited Steiners defeated Team 3D. In retaliation to their loss, Team 3D attacked the Steiners, ending with Rick being powerbombed him through a table.

The Steiners returned to TNA in late September to challenge Team 3D in a two out of three falls tables match at Bound for Glory. Team 3D won the first fall after performing the 3D on Rick through a table. However, Brother Ray would take the first loss for his team after Scott performed the Frankensteiner him through a table. The deciding fall came when Scott lifted Ray on his shoulders and Rick performed his signature diving bulldog on Ray through a table, securing the win for the Steiner Brothers. On January 29, 2008, Steiner and TNA parted ways, splitting up the brothers once again.

Independent circuit (2008–present)

Following his departure from TNA, Steiner returned to the independent circuit.

Personal life

Steiner is married to his spouse, Jamye, and they have three children, Hudson, Maveric and Bronson.

In mid-2005, Steiner began selling real estate, a common career choice for retired and semi-retired wrestlers. He is also a member of the Cherokee County School District. He was disqualified from entering the primary for the 2006 term, however, due to the fact he used the Steiner name, rather than his legal name. Steiner could have run for reelection had he presented a petition calling for this with 4500 signatures, however he was unable to do so. Consequently, Steiner ran unopposed as a write-in candidate in November 2006.

In wrestling

Championships and accomplishments

  • Southern Championship Wrestling
    • SCW Championship (1 time)

  • World League Wrestling
    • WLW Heavyweight Championship (2 times)

  • World Pro Wrestling
    • WPW Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

1Although it was almost always defended in Florida, the NWA Florida Heavyweight Championship was given to Steiner by Mike Rotunda while working a storyline together in Jim Crockett Promotions in December 1987. Steiner was stripped of the championship so that it could be defended in the Florida promotion exclusively once again in December 1988.

2Steiner's reigns with this championship occurred after Ted Turner purchased Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling from Jim Crockett, Jr. in November 1988 and renamed the promotion World Championship Wrestling. The reigns also occurred prior to the title being renamed the WCW United States Tag Team Championship and while WCW was still an NWA affiliated promotion.

3Tournament was won in 1990 when Mid-Atlantic was bought by Ted Turner and renamed World Championship Wrestling, but prior to WCW's withdrawn from the National Wrestling Alliance.

4While this Mid-Atlantic promotion operates in the same region of the United States and has revised several of the championships used by the original, it isn't the same promotion which was originally owned by Jim Crockett, Jr. and sold to Ted Turner in 1988.


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