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A ridable miniature railway (USA: 'riding railroad' or grand scale railroad') is a ground-level, large scale model railway that hauls passengers using locomotives that are models of full-sized railway locomotives (powered by diesel or petrol engines, live steam engines or electric motors).


Typically they have a track gauge between and , though both larger and smaller gauges are used.

These large model railroads are most often seen in urban parks or in commercial settings, such as amusement park rides.

The major distinction between a miniature railway and a narrow gauge railway is that miniature lines use models of full-sized prototypes. There are miniature railways that run on gauges as wide as , for example the Wicksteed Park Railway. There are also narrow gauge railways running on extremely narrow track as small as gauge or less, for example the Rudyard Lake Steam Railwaymarker, Perrygrove Railwaymarker and the Eaton Hall Railway: these are known as minimum gauge railways.

Typically in the UKmarker miniature lines are operated as public heritage railways, though many private lines also exist, especially in the USA.

At gauges of and less, the track is commonly raised above ground level. Flat cars are arranged with foot boards so that driver and passengers sit astride the track. The track is often multi-gauged, to accommodate , , and sometimes gauge locomotives.

UK Miniature Railways




Bure Valley Railway
Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway





Wells and Walsingham Light Railway



  • Brambridge Park Garden Centre, Eastleigh, Hampshire

  • Hove Park Railway
  • Leyland Society of Model Engineers, Lancashire
  • Strawberry Line - part of Avon Valley Country Park
  • Maidstone Model Engineering Society, Mote Parkmarker, Maidstonemarker
  • Malden and District Society of Model Engineers Ltd
  • Tonbridge Model Engineering Society
  • Bentley Miniature Railway
  • Crowborough Miniature Railway
  • Guildford Model Engineering Society
  • Coventry Model Engineering Society (Running "Ryton Pool Miniature Railway", also gauge)
  • GEC Model Engineering Society (Running "GEC Miniature Railway", also & gauges)
  • North London Society of Model Engineers (NLSME)


  • Leyland Society of Model Engineers, Lancashire
  • Maidstone Model Engineering Society, Mote Parkmarker, Maidstonemarker
  • Malden and District Society of Model Engineers Ltd
  • Tonbridge Model Engineering Society
  • Crowborough Miniature Railway
  • North London Society of Model Engineers (NLSME)

Miniature railways - rest of the world


  • Aotea Railway, Aotea Lagoonmarker, Porirua, New Zealand
  • Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad, USA
  • Collegeville and Southern Railway, USA
  • Meadows and Lake Kathleen Railroad, USA
  • National Railway Museum, Adelaide SA (also operate the Semaphore & Fort Glanville Tourist railway)
  • Venice Miniature Railway, Venice Beach, Venice, California, (1943-1968),

gauge (USA)


gauge (Rest of the World)


  • C&H Railroad, USA
  • Wabash Frisco & Pacific Railway, Missouri, USA
  • Zilker Zephyr, Zilker Parkmarker, Austin, Texas USA


  • Assiniboine Valley Railway ( )
  • Los Angeles Live Steamers ( )
  • Golden Gate Live Steamers, ( )
  • Hesston Steam Museum ( )
  • Sacramento Valley Live Steamers, ( )
  • Train Mountain, Chiloquinmarker, Oregonmarker, USA ( )
  • Sagebrush Short Line Railroad, Ridgecrest CA ( )
  • Riverside Live Steamers, Riverside, California ( )
  • Great Lakes Live Steamers, Royal Oak and Southgate, Michigan.(( ) ? )
  • Triad Live Steamers, Farmington and Harrisburg, NC. ( )
  • Railroad Museum of South Florida Train Village, USA ( )
  • Orange County Model Engineers, USA
  • Willow Creek Railroad, Oregon, United States (( ) ?)
  • Burnaby Central Railway, Burnabymarker, BC, Canada ( )
  • Shady Dell Pacific, Pacific Northwest Live Steamers, Molallamarker, Oregonmarker ( )


  • Altona Miniature Railway, Victoria, Australia ( and )
  • Many Model Engineering Societies in New Zealandmarker, including
    • Kapiti Miniature Railway & Associates, Raumati Marine Gardens, Raumati Beach, New Zealand ( and ) dual gauge)
    • Keirunga Park Railway, Havelock North, New Zealand.
    • Canterbury Society of Model and Experimental Engineers, Christchurchmarker, host of 2006 CANMOD International Convention
  • Diamond Valley Miniature Railway, Eltham Victoria, Australia ( )
  • Finnish Railway Museummarker, Hyvinkää, Finland


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