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River Valley Transit provides public bus transportation throughout Lycoming Countymarker, Pennsylvaniamarker.

Officially named as the Williamsport Bureau of Transportation the system is called River Valley Transit to describe the mission and coverage area of the service. RVT was previously known as City Bus prior to the summer of 2005.

Service area

The city of Williamsportmarker is home to the McDade Trade and Transit Center, which is the main station and central hub for all the bus routes. Relative to Williamsport and the main bus station, the service area includes the following:
to the south, across the West Branch Susquehanna River are the boroughs of South Williamsportmarker and Duboistownmarker;
to the west are Woodwardmarker and Piatt Townshipsmarker, and the borough of Jersey Shoremarker;
to the north is Old Lycoming Townshipmarker, including Garden Viewmarker and Grimesville;
and to the east are Loyalsock Townshipmarker, and the boroughs of Montoursvillemarker, Muncymarker, and Hughesvillemarker, with Montgomerymarker to the southeast, across the river.

Riding RVT

The Trade & Transit Center is located in downtown Williamsport, which is the central hub to the bus system. It is located between West Third Street, Pine Street, and Laurel Street. Also located at the Trade & Transit Center is the Transit Scoop, where you pass a few minutes with a bite to eat. On the south side of West Third Street is the parking garage, allowing for riders to park their vehicles and ride the buses.
: An example of the parking garage being useful is during the Little League World Series baseball games held in South Williamsportmarker. Visitors can purchase passes which allow them to park away from the traffic congestion and quickly get to and from the games.

Daytime bus service officially begins at 5:30 a.m., and continues until 7:00 p.m. After 7:00 p.m., the two Nightline buses provide service hourly as far east as the Lycoming Mall and as far west as the Reach Road industrial park. The 'late' bus provides outbound only service going west, and offers transportation to employees at the Reach Road Industrial Park at 11 p.m.

Saturday services deviate from the weekday schedules on select routes. Deviations can be a shorter route, not running as many trips, or not running at all (due to redundancy of another route or low ridership on Saturday). RVT does not operate scheduled routes on Sunday. Chartered service is available, and is typically the only reason for a bus to be in service on Sunday. The Little League World Series is the one exception where scheduled service is offered on Sunday.


Current as of September 2006.

On the bus:
  • $2.00 - 1-ride
  • $2.25 - 2-ride OR 1-day

Passes purchased at the Trade & Trasit Center:
  • $2.00 - 1-day
  • $8.50 - 7-day
  • $32.00 - 31-day
  • $8.50 - 10-ride
  • $16.00 - 20-ride
  • 4 for $5.00 - 1-ride tokens

  • Transfers - FREE
    • valid for (1) hour
  • Children age 5 or less - FREE
  • Youth age 17 or less - $1.00
  • Seniors age 65+ with ID
    • FREE during off-peak hours
  • Disabled (with ID) - $1.00
  • Student (with ID) - $0.75 (school days only)
  • Full-time Lycoming Collegemarker and Pennsylvania College of Technologymarker students ride for free at all times by showing valid college-issued ID.

Peak-hours are defined as
  • 7:00 a.m. to 7:59 a.m.
  • 4:30 p.m. to 5:29 p.m.


Current fleet

Manufacture Model length Seats Bus numbers
Transportation Manufacturing Corporation
              || RTS-06  || 40ft    ||        || 601
Transportation Manufacturing Corporation
              || RTS-06  || 35ft    || 32     || 701, 702, 706
New Flyer Industries
              || D40LF   || 40ft    || 39     || 801-803
Chance Coach, Inc. RT-52 805, 806, 809, 810
Transportation Manufacturing Corporation
              || RTS-08  || 35ft    ||        || 807, 808
New Flyer Industries
              || D35LF   || 35ft    || 29     || 901, 902
              || Opus    || 30ft    ||        || 903, 904
New Flyer Industries
              || D35LF   || 35ft    || 29     || 905, 906
              || Opus    || 35ft    ||        || 907, 908
Freightliner LLC
              || van     ||         ||        || 909, 910
Gillig 35ft 1101-1103
Gillig 40ft 1104-1105
Gillig 40ft 1106, new in November 2006)
Trolley buses
Peter Herdic
Anne Weightman
Carl Stotz

Previous Fleet

Manufacture Model Length Seats Bus Numbers Retirement
MCI 501 2007 January
GMC RTS-06 35ft 502 2009 Summer
Transportation Manufacturing Corporation
              || RTS-06  || 40ft    ||        || 602          || 2009 Summer
Transportation Manufacturing Corporation
              || RTS-06  || 35ft    ||        || 603          || unknown
Transportation Manufacturing Corporation
              || RTS-06  || 35ft    ||        || 604          || 2009 Summer
Transportation Manufacturing Corporation
              || RTS-06  || 35 ft   ||        || 704-705      || 2007 January

Route List

  • Newberry via Fourth Street
  • Montoursville
  • Park Avenue/Garden View
  • Loyalsock
  • South Side
  • East End
  • West Third Street/Industrial Park
  • Valley View Connector
  • Tri-Town Connector via Hughesville
  • Tri-Town Connector via Montgomery
  • Jersey Shore Connector
  • Vallamont
  • Lycoming Mall
  • Downtown Connector


  • All transit buses in active service are handicapped accessible
    • have kneeling feature (right front)
    • have wheelchair accessibility
      • RTS buses have the wheelchair lift at the rear door.
  • 801-803 and 901-908, 1101-1106 are ramp accessible.

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