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Riverside Polytechnic High School traces its heritage from 1887 when the newly formed community of Riverside demanded higher education for their children. Riverside. The first joint-elementary/high school, later called Grant School, graduated the first class of Riverside High School with seven students, four girls and three boys, in 1890. Miss Eugenie Fuller was its principal. When classes grew too large in 1902, a new co-educational high school building was constructed on 9th Street between Lemon and Lime Streets.

In 1910, Riverside High School's enrollment was approximately 500 students, and again new facilities were required. In 1911, the genders were separated creating a Girls High School continuing in the existing building and a Boys High School at the newly constructed Tequesquite campus. Miss Eugenie Fuller continued as principal of the Girls High School, and Mr. J.E. McKown was appointed principal of the Boys High School which was renamed Riverside Polytechnic High School, the 1911 address was 4800 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, Ca.

World War I brought great change to both high school campuses, saw principals change as they went to support the war effort. (See the Principal and Vice Principal Section.) The enrollment explosion waned as young men flooded into the armed forces. In 1924, more change occurred. The school board established the creation of a junior high school level and consolidated the senior high schools into one co-educational school. A new Applied Arts Building provided Home Economics and "other facilities for the girls." The old Girls High School served as a Girls Junior High School, while the Boys Junior High School was located at the old Grant School. 1924-25 saw the Junior College and the Senior High School with growing enrollments, and so provided separate administrations for each. There were 202 seniors in 1924.

During WWII, many Poly girls worked with a Federal Government sponsored group called High School Victory Corps. The girls helped make bandages and helped to provide many other other needed items, or worked in essential industries after school. All who took part in these activities were volunteers. In 1944 Victory Corps were discontinued at Poly.

In 1956, double sessions at Poly were needed until a second high school, Ramona High, could be built. As high school enrollment continued to grow, it was evident that still a third high school would be needed in Riverside. In 1960 a new high school, Rubidoux, shared the Poly campus until it's campus could be completed in 1961. In 1961-65, Poly separated from the Junior College campus and a site on the corner of Central and Victoria Avenues was built, along with a high school on 3rd Street and Chicago Avenue, named North High. Both high schools opened their doors in September, 1965, with the Victoria site continuing the traditional name of Riverside Polytechnic High School. Since that time, Poly High School classes have taken place on the present site, tracing its heritage back over 100 years.

Riverside Polytechnic High School is home to one of the original, still active Army Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps (JROTC) units, established in 1916.

There were 51 young men making up the Class of 1916 known as the Stags of 1916. There were 18 Faculty members. This Class was the first to complete the 4 year course offered in the new building.

Past principals and vice-principals

  • 1910 Mr. J.E. McKown Principal - Boys school, Miss Eugenie Fuller, Principal - girls school.
  • 1916 Mr. Law, Principal.
  • 1920 Mr. Frank P. Taylor, Girls School Principal, Mr. Donald Alpine, Poly Principal.
  • 1921 to 1924 Miss Leslie Fowler, Girls School Principal, Mr. Arthur G. Paul, Poly Principal.
  • 1926 Mr. Arthur G. Paul, Principal, Mr. Fred L. McEuen, Vice Principal, Ms. Frances Shurtleff, Vice Principal.
  • 1928 to 1934 Mr. Arthur G. Paul, Principal, Mr. Fred L. McEuen, Vice Principal, Ms. Florence M Campbell, Dean of Girls.
  • 1936 to 1938 Mr. Arthur G. Paul, Principal, Mr. Fred L. McEuen, Vice Principal, Ms. Mary Mendenhall, Dean of Girls.
  • 1940 Mr. Arthur G. Paul, Principal, Mr. Fred L. McEuen, Vice Principal, Ms. Esther Brown, Dean of Girls.
  • 1942 to 1945, Mr. Arthur G. Paul, Principal, Mr. Fred L. McEuen, Vice Principal, Dr. Jean Thayer, Dean of Girls.
  • 1947 Mr. Fred L. McEuen, Principal, Mr. Roy O. Andersen, Vice Principal, Dr. Jean Thayer, Dean of Girls.
  • 1952 Mr. Fred L. McEuen, Principal, Mr. Wrentmore and Mr. Weir Vice Principals, Dr. Jean Thayer, Dean of Girls.

All references in this section may be verified in each yearbook and in the records of the Riverside Unified School District at their offices.

Mascot, Yearbook and School Colors

Riverside Polytechnic High is a proud supporter of their mascot, a powerful Koala Bear, known as Kris Koala. In 1940 the Koala appeared on the cover of the yearbook. From then on the yearbook was called The Koala. Poly High colors have always been Orange and Green.

The first yearbook called "The Stag" was published in 1912. In 1918, the title was changed to "Orange and Green" when it became a joint publication for the boys and girls schools. Many years later, (1940) the title changed again to "The Koala" when the Mascot was added.


The Proud Heritage Band and Color Guard is the name of Poly's marching band. The Band and Color Guard achieved Second Place in the 2008 SCSBOA Championships Field Tournament. The Winter Drumline won the 2007 American Drum-line Association Southern California Championships making them the first place high school Drumline (in that league) in Southern California.

Poly has the only high school orchestra in the Riverside Unifed School District. They received a Superior Score in the 2008 SCSBOA Regional.

Music Past History

Information compiled from a few issues of the Poly yearbook gives a clearer picture of the musical events that took place during those times. Below is offered some of that history. The Poly Band and the R.O.T.C. Band were one and the same during the early years of the school. The band helped to create school spirit for the students, faculty and parents while they performed at football games and other events ariynd the city.

1916 music at the school was limited to a small orchestra of 15 boys and a Glee Club. A concert titled "The Glee Club Concert" was given by the orchesta and the glee club. There is no photograph of the glee club and no other information available to be certain of the numbers or names of persons in the club.

1916 - Instructor, Mr. Gustav Hilverkus taught music in many areas offered for many years.

Music in 1920 offered Poly students several ways of sharing their musical talents. The girls set up an orchestra. There were 18 girls attending. The boys orchestra had 15 members. The girls and boys played together in school activities during the year. There was also a school band. A photograph shows 32 boys. The yearbook states there were about 40. Drum Major "Brick" Cunnison was the featured attraction.

1920 - Instructor, Mr, Gustav Hilverkus - Band, Girls and Boys Orchestra, Miss Cora Merry - Girls Glee Club

1921 brought members to 5 different musical groups. The Girls High School Orchestra had 15 students and the Poly Orchestra had 12. Together the boys and girls played at all of the school functions. No prizes were won at the competitions in this year, the yearbook article says they performed well. The school band's photo shows 33 uniformed boys. The band played in assemblies and helped Riverside Pep. The glee clubs were the other 2 musical groups. The boys had 23 members, while the Girls High School Glee Club members rose to 61. The boys sang mostly in the assemblies along with the girls. The girls also performed at 3 outside functions. One for the convention of state superintendents, a high point for the girls. Along with singing for the student body, the girl singers took 2nd place in a Citrus Belt League competition.

1921 - Instructors, Miss Cora Merry - Girls Glee Club, Mr. Hubbard - Boys Glee Club, Gustav Hilverkus - Band, Both the Girls and Boys Orchestra.

The 1924 Glee Clubs for both Poly and the Girls School were well attended. The members of the Poly Glee Club were both boys and girls. There were 58 students that took part in this club. The Girls Glee Club photograph shows 32 members. The boys club performed mostly for school functions. The girls club went to several special concerts outside of the school functions. They also performed an operetta and at other school activities. A combined orchestra for the schools brought 36 young people together. They also performed at several school functions sometimes accompanying the glee clubs. There was also the R.O.T.C. Riverside Band of 29 young men. There is no mention of their activities in this issue of the yearbook.

1924 - Instructors, Miss Betty Brown - Poly Glee Club, Miss Cora Merry - Girls Glee Club, Gustav Hilverkus Band, Orchestra.

The year 1926 does not show very much music activity. There was the R.O.T.C. Band of 49 students. No photograph of the Orchestra appears in the Orange and Green. The only other participants in music were the girl's glee club consisting of 41 students. The article in this yearbook mentions a very successful fundraiser on December 4 held in the auditorium. The band also performed in Fairmount Park and was very well received.

1926 - Instructors, Mr. Gustav Hilverkus - Band, Orchestra, H. N. Spohr - Girls Glee Club.

The year 1928 brings the R.O.T.C. Band together with 41 members. The photograph of the band also shows 3 girls. The glee club membership consisted of 21 boys and 11 girls. This was a small number of performers for Riverside Poly High School music this year. Still even with small numbers the annual Fairmount Park Concert was attended by record numbers music lovers. The highlight of the Glee Clubs activities were realized when they performed with the Rubidouz Chorus on Easter morning. Additionally, their performance at the graduation excerises this year were well received.

1928 - Instructors, Mr. Gustav Hilverkus - Band, Orchestra, Unknown - Combined Glee Clubs.1929 - Instructors, Mr. Gustav Hilverkus - Band, Orchestra, Unknown - Boys and Girls Glee Clubs.1930 - Instructors, Mr.Gustav Hilverkus - Band, Unknown - Boys and Girls Glee Clubs.

In 1938 the yearbook was dedicated to Gustav Hilverkus, he was 70 years old that year. H. Norman Spohr - both glee clubs and the choir.

In 1952 the Poly Band was stated to be superior where ever they performed.

1952 - Instructors, Mr. Oaks and Mr. Vail - Band, Unknown - Boy's and Girls' chorus. Mr. Derrick and Mr. Stone also taught music.

Notable alumni

In Memoriam

This is a listing of students who have passed on during the school year. They should be remembered on these pages also. Only those who passed during the year they were attending Riverside Poly are listed here.

  • 1916 - Clarence Sweeny, Herman Dicker, Kinley Morgan, Hope Taylor, and Theodore Packer .
  • 1920 - Frances Zoppi, Madge Flaherty, Hazel Decker, Ray Harris, William C Handerson .
  • 1921 - Verna Bicker, James Dunham, Howard Plantz.
  • 1924 - Claire Horton, Miss. Inghram, Oscar Haynes.
  • 1926 - None for students attending this year.
  • 1928 - Walter Peterson.
  • 1929 - Wallace Heaslet, Winifred Wilson, Robert Rayner, Maxine Maloney.
  • 1930 - Paul Pierce.
  • 1932 - Robert Wallace, Florene Jennings.
  • 1934 - Leo Fotheringham, Ethlyn McKenzie, Milton Burt.
  • 1936 - Marjorie Fowler, Claire Lambert, Charlet Leimbach, Carol Wills.
  • 1937 - Thurman Sanders.
  • 1938 - William S. Bates.
  • 1989 - Nicholas L. Ravitch
  • 2007 - Brittanee Delk


All references may be verified in each yearbook and in the records of the Riverside Unified School District at their offices.
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