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Robbin Crosby (August 4, 1959 – June 6, 2002), born Robbinson Lantz Crosby and nicknamed "King", was co-lead guitarist in the Glam metal band Ratt, earning several platinum albums in the U.S. in the mid-to-late 1980s.

Robbin Crosby's guitar playing was largely influenced by guitar heroes Jimi Hendrix, Michael Schenker, and Billy Gibbons. He joined Ratt in 1982 as the co-lead guitarist alongside future King Kobra and BulletBoys vocalist Marq Torien.

Crosby preferred to play Jackson King V (especially designed for him by Jackson, used his nickname for the guitar's name) and Jackson Custom Firebird guitars. He would often put a red rose on the end of his guitar, at one point stating "I thought the chicks would dig it." He requested six red roses on the item list of the tour rider.

Early life

Crosby was born in La Jolla, Californiamarker, and had two sisters, Risten and Bronle. The son of Harry W. Crosby, a schoolteacher and author, rumours that he was related to Bing Crosby were never proven (there was confusion on that point because Bob Crosby, Bing's brother, lived in La Jolla.)


Robbin joined Ratt in 1982 and made a major songwriting contribution to the band, penning many of Ratt's hits including "Round and Round", "I'm Insane", "Back for More" and "Lay it Down". The team of Crosby, with co-lead guitarist Warren DeMartini, helped to make Ratt one the biggest rock acts in the mid-1980s.

In the coming years, Robbin eventually bought a home in the Hollywood Hills of Los Angeles, in which he displayed his platinum albums, extensive guitar collection (He was one of the earliest endorsers of the now famous Jackson Guitars company), and cars including a 1979 Ferrarimarker Dino Classic, 1965 Ford Mustang, and a Harley-Davidson Electra-Glide. Robbin married Playboy Playmate Laurie Carr in 1987, eventually divorcing in 1991. They had no children. He had a reputation for the adhering to "rock and roll lifestyle" during Ratt's heyday, and he was a habitual heroin user for some time.

After Ratt

By 1990, the pressure of fame and living the "rock and roll lifestyle" finally got to him, and Crosby's use of heroin and other drugs began taking over his life. There would be shows where Robbin had serious problems performing. and he eventually left Ratt. Prior to leaving, Crosby worked as a producer for metal band Lillian Axe, and it was mentioned post-departure that he would be pursuing a career to that end. He also expressed some guilt at the manner of his departure from Ratt, but stated in the Japanese Rock Music press specifically, that while he loved Ratt, he did not believe in their musical direction anymore, and could not stand by their change in musical direction over time, and was weary of the in-fighting and control-issues that had long plagued the band. He did, however, express hope that someday all members could settle their differences, musically and otherwise.

After his departure from Ratt, his divorce, and also due to his increasing substance abuse, the millions of dollars he acquired in Ratt were lost, along with many of his material possessions.

In 2001, Crosby publicly admitted that he had full-blown AIDS and had been HIV positive since 1994. He had also been in and out of the hospital for eight years dealing with back problems and health issues associated with the HIV virus. To occupy his time he became a Little League coach, and also worked on a guitar fan/collector project (The, which was to create a limited-edition run of Jackson King V "Big Red" replica guitars. Of the 20 finally finished in 2004, Robbin was to receive the first in honor of his contributions and influence on many Jackson players. Sadly, he would never receive it.

He also attempted various musical projects, first (post-Ratt) re-uniting with San Diego friend and former Warrior/Atomic Playboys vocalist Perry McCarty, Krys Baratto, Dino Guerrero and Mark Lewis as an updated version of Secret Service, a moniker used by McCarty and Crosby previously for their pre- Ratt San Diego band. Later moving to El Paso in 1996, he briefly played with the Country/Western group Bill&Kev&War Party. One of his last projects to be initiated by Robbin was with former collaborator and ex-Ratt bassist Juan Croucier, but unfortunately due to growing medical complications, and relapsing after moving a friend from his past (who was still using) into his apartment. Robbin was never able to maintain or further any of his post-Ratt musical projects, dying of an overdose in Los Angelesmarker on June 6, 2002, and not of AIDS-related complications as previously reported, just two months prior to his 43rd birthday.

He was 6' 6" tall and weighed around 245 pounds at his healthiest. At the time of his death Crosby had changed physically, due to a pancreatic condition that changed his metabolism; Crosby had gained significant weight since his 1980s Ratt heyday. He was quoted as saying in an interview just before his death:

"Apparently my pancreas has given up and I'm not metabolizing food the way I should. It's real frustrating.... I have a roommate that probably weighs 150 lbs. and he eats a lot more than I do. It's not like I'm a pig or a slob."

In a 1999 interview that was first televised in 2006, Crosby stated:

"When I die, nobody cry at my funeral, in fact let's all have a party; I've lived the life of ten men. I lived all my dreams and more."

According to an autopsy report after his death, Crosby weighed over 400 pounds.

Robbin's remains were cremated. The memorial was at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, Californiamarker; friends and family on surfboards spread his ashes out at sea.


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