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Roberto Carlos Palacios Mestas (born December 28, 1972) is a Peruvianmarker football mid-fielder from the district of Chorrillos in Limamarker, the capital of Peru.


Roberto Palacios grew up in the Chorrilos ward in Lima, Peru. Palacios was introduced to soccer at an early age, and he played in regional teams for his first years.


However Palacios later became a player of Sporting Cristal, where he played in his youth. Palacios made his debut with Sporting Cristal in 1991, when his team faced Deportivo Municipal in late October 1991. Palacios then scored his first goal on the following week against Universitario de Deportes. Palacios has been a successful player, and has scored many goals for both this clubs and National Team.

He is nicknamed "El Chorrillano" or "Chorri". He was regarded at his peak by some as one of Peru's best player in the 90's. While playing in Ecuador (LDUQ), "Chorri" was involved in a fight and got suspended. This was caused because he scored a 'chalaca' goal and he was maliated. He has played for several other teams, e.g. Sporting Cristal (Peru), Puebla F.C. (Mexico), Cruzeiro Esporte Clubemarker (Brasil), Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajaramarker (Mexico), Monarcas Morelia (Mexico), Deportivo Cali (Colombia) and Liga Deportiva Universitaria de Quito from Quitomarker in Ecuadormarker.

International Career

"Chorri" was well known for his amazing 'chorrigolazos' which nearly took Peru to the last 3 FIFA World Cups. Palacios had a long run with the Peru national football team that resulted in an amazing 122 caps and 19 goals for his country. He retired from the Peruvian National squad on October 14, 2009.



Sporting Cristal

LDU Quito


Peru national team


  • Peruvian Player on the Year: 1994, 1995, 1996


With 122 appearances for Peru national team, he is the most capped player in the history of Peruvian international football Palacios legacy is well recognized by people in Peru, and other parts of the world. When people refer to el "Chorri" they automatically link Palacios' goals with Peru, and remember how brilliant he once was in the past. Palacios stills plays in Sporting Cristal, and has stated his intentions to continue playing soccer for a good amount of years. However, he is about to turn 36, and in Peru many sectors such as media and people have awarded the title of "New Chorri" to Daniel Sanchez. Palacios has become an inspiration to many people and this has also caused him being popular aside of football.

Palacios' Comedy Parody

Despite Palacios' success, "El Chorri" has been the target of comedy sketches by the Peruvian program El Especial del Humor. In El Especial del Humor, Palacios is played by the Peruvian comedian and actor Walter "Cachito" Ramirez. The "Chorri's sketch" has become popular among people, and in it "Cachito" plays "El Chorri" with a Mexican accent, due to the number of years Palacios spent in Mexico, and Cachito makes a funny imitation that continues until these days. The sketch started when the program decided to release a Claudio Pizarro, and Professor Autuori sketch, and they look for another character. The chosen character was Palacios, and the job was given to Ramirez. The sketch became a boom and now Ramirez is also known as "El Chorri", even though in many occasions the real Chorrillano has rejected that imitation. However after the sketch has been for more than 3 or 4 years on air, El Chorri has end up even liking the parody. Now El Chorri states that even though he is played as an ignorant, he enjoys the sketch, and the main reason is that since people, especially poor people, have a good time watching the sketch, which makes el Chorri feel proud and happy because people get fun from a parody where they resemble El Chorri.

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