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Rocks of Ages is a short book by the Harvardmarker paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould on the relationship between science and religion. According to Gould each "magisterium" occupies a separate realm of human understanding. Science informs us how the natural world works (or how the heavens go), and religion informs us on how we ought to morally behave (how to go to heaven). If each realm is separate, then according to Gould, they can never truly be in conflict. This is called the principle of Nonoverlapping Magisteria, or NOMA for short.


  1. The Problem Stated
  • Preamble
  • A Tale of Two Thomases
  • The Fate of Two Fathers
  1. The Problem Resolved in Principle
  • NOMA Defined and Defended
  • NOMA Illustrated
  • Coda and Segue
  1. Historical Reasons for Conflict
  • The Contingent Basis for Intensity
  • Columbus and the Flat Earth: An Example of the Fallacy of Warfare Between Science and Religion
  • Defending NOMA from Both Sides Now: The Struggle Against Modern Creationism
  • Creationism: A Distinctively American Violation of NOMA
  • Trouble in Our Own House: A Brief Legal Survey From Scopes to Scalia
  • The Passion and Compassion of William Jennings Bryan: The Other Side of NOMA
  1. Psychological Reasons for Conflict
  • Can Nature Nurture Our Hopes?
  • Nature's Cold Bath and Darwin's Defense of NOMA
  • The Two False Paths of Irenics

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