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The Catholic Church in Argentinamarker is part of the worldwide Roman Catholic Church, under the spiritual leadership of the Pope, the Curia in Romemarker, and the Argentine Episcopal Conference.

There are an estimated 33 million baptised Roman Catholics in Argentina, roughly 89% of the population. According to a 1999 study, 78% of Argentinians call themselves Catholics, though many of these are nominal Catholics who only attend church on specific social occasions (weddings, baptism ceremonies, etc.). According to the CIA Factbook, 92% of the country are Catholic, but only 20% practice their faith regularly (i.e., attend Mass every single Sunday throughout the Liturgical Year).

The church in Argentina is divided into administrative territorial units called dioceses and archdioceses. Buenos Aires, for example, is an archdiocese owing to is size and historical significance as the capitol of the nation. The archdiocese of Buenos Aires is headed by Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, the current metropolitan archbishop. Buenos Aires Metropolitan Cathedralmarker, the seat of the archbishop, also houses the remains of General Jose de San Martin in a mausoleum.

There are seven Catholic universities in Argentina: Pontifical Catholic University of Argentinamarker (Buenos Aires), the Universidad Catolica de Cordoba, the Universidad de La Plata, the Universidad de Salta, the Universidad de Santa Fe, the Universidad de Cuyo, and the Universidad de Santiago del Estero. Religious orders run and sponsor hundreds of primary and secondary schools throughout the country.

Map of Argentina

Pastoral Regions

  • Región Noroeste (NOA) (Northeast Region)
  • Región Noreste (NEA) (Northwest Region)
  • Región de Cuyo (Cuyo Region)
  • Región Centro (Central Region)
  • Región Litoral (Littoral Region)
  • Región Buenos Aires (Buenos Airesmarker Region)
  • Región Platense (Platensemarker Region)
  • Región Patagonia-Comahue (Patagonia-Comahue Region)

Divisions by region

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