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Route 9 ( ), Hong Kongmarker is a strategic trunk road, mostly in the form of expressway, circumscribing the New Territories. The route was also known as New Territories Circular Road (新界環迴公路). Starting from the Shing Mun Tunnels, Route 9 goes in the counter-clockwise direction, linking Sha Tinmarker, Tai Po, Fanlingmarker, Sheung Shui, Yuen Longmarker, Tuen Mun and Tsuen Wan. This Route 9 came into being after the rationalization of route number system in January, 2004, replacing the old system which has been used since 1974.

Like other strategic routes in Hong Kong, Route 9 consists of several sections.

The section from Tsuen Wan to Sha Tin is derived from the former Route 5, which includes the Shing Mun Tunnels and most part of the Tai Po Road - Sha Tin. This section, opened in 1990, is not recognized as an expressway, however.

Route 9 then runs in a northerly direction by the remaining portion of Tai Po Road - Shatin until at the Ma Liu Shui Interchange (interchange with Route 2), where it is continued by the 12.3 km-long Tolo Highway (opened in 1985) to Lam Kam Road Interchange, at the north of Tai Po. The widening of Tolo Highway between Ma Liu Shuimarker and Tai Po to dual-4 has been finished in 2003. It is built to full British motorway standards (3 lanes + hard shoulder).

The next section is another dual-3 expressway, Fanling Highway, which was completed in three stages between 1985 and 1987, running due north and north-west, connecting Tai Po North and Pak Shek Au, near San Tin.

At San Tin Interchange near Lok Ma Chaumarker, Route 9 turns south towards Au Tau, near Yuen Long on an expressway known as San Tin Highway. After interchanging with Route 3, Route 9 is carried along the Yuen Long Highway to Lam Tei Interchange, followed by Tuen Mun Road, all the way to Tsuen Wan.

At Tsuen Wan, the section of Route 9 linking Chai Wan Kokmarker and Shek Wai Kok was opened on 8th February 2007. Traffic can continue its way back to the Shing Mun Tunnels via the new road and the existing Cheung Pei Shan Road.

Observed roads and exits

Anticlockwise from Tsuen Wan Clockwise from Tsuen Wan
Exit Destination Exit Destination
Tsuen Wan
Shing Mun Tunnel
Shing Mun Tunnel Road
1 Tai Waimarker 1 Tai Waimarker
Tai Po Road - Shatin Section
2 Shatinmarker Town Centre 2 Shatinmarker Town Centre
2A Penfold Parkmarker and Fo Tan
2B Route 1 southbound towards Kowloon
2C Penfold Park
Tolo Highway
2D Tai Po Road and Chinese Universitymarker
3 Shatin Racecoursemarker 3 Shatin Racecoursemarker
3A Route 2 southbound towards Ma On Shan and Kowloonmarker
4 Science Park, Ma On Shan and Ma Liu Shuimarker 4 Route 2 southbound towards Ma On Shan and Kowloon
4A Pak Shek Kok
5 Tai Po Market and Tai Po Industrial Estate 5 Tai Po South
5A Tai Po South
6 Tai Po North 6 Tai Po North
Fanling Highway
7 Hong Lok Yuen and Shek Kong 7 Hong Lok Yuen, Shek Kong and Tai Po North
7A Kowloon Pass
7B Wo Hop Shek
7C Fanlingmarker and Sha Tau Kokmarker
8 Sheung Shui and Fanling 8 Sheung Shui/Fanling
9 Man Kam To and Sheung Shui 9 Man Kam To and Sheung Shui
9A Pak Shek Au
10 Lok Ma Chaumarker 10 Lok Ma Chau and Kwu Tung
San Tin Highway
10A San Tin and Mai Po
11 Fairview Park and Pat Heung 11 Fairview Park
12 Route 3 southbound via Tai Lam Tunnelmarker 12 Route 3 southbound via Tai Lam Tunnel
Yuen Long Highway
13 Yuen Longmarker 13 Tai Tongmarker and Kam Tin
14 Tin Shui Wai East 14 Tin Shui Wai East
15 Hung Shui Kiu and Tin Shui Wai West 15 Hung Shui Kiu and Tin Shui Wai West
16 Route 10 northbound towards Ha Tsuen and Shekou 16 Route 10 northbound towards Ha Tsuen and Shekou
Tuen Mun Road
17 Lingnan University 17 Lingnan University and Lam Tei
18 Tai Hing 18 Tai Hing
19 Tuen Mun Town Centre 19 Tuen Mun Town Centre
20 Tuen Mun Town Centre 20 Tuen Mun Town Centre
20A San Hui
21 Tuen Mun West 21 Tuen Mun West and Butterfly Bay
22 Siu Lam 22 Siu Lam
23 Sham Tsengmarker and Ting Kau 23 Sham Tseng and Ting Kau
24 Route 3 southbound towards Kowloon 24 Route 3 northbound towards Yuen Long
24A Route 5 eastbound towards Kowloon
Cheung Pei Shan Road
24C Tsuen Wan
25 Tsuen Kam Interchange 25 Tsuen Kam Interchange
25A Kwai Chungmarker
Tsuen Wan

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