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Rude Britain (subtitled 100 Rudest Place Names in Britain) is a 2005 book of humour and toponymy. The book (ISBN 0-7522-2581-2) is written by Rob Bailey and Ed Hurst, and published in the United Kingdommarker by the Pan Macmillan imprint Boxtree.

Each of the 100 names chosen by the authors is accompanied by a photograph and a placename etymology. The etymologies are often due to the island'smarker history of repeated invasion, occupation, and assimilation, combined with a human predilection for double entendres.

Top 30

The following is the list of the top 30 names from the book, many of which are street names and most of which incorporate body part or sexual slang:

  1. Cocks, Cornwallmarker
  2. Minge Lane, Upton-upon-Severnmarker, Worcestershire, Englandmarker
  3. Bell End, Worcestershire, Englandmarker
  4. Twattmarker, Shetlandmarker (note, there is another Twatt in Orkneymarker)
  5. Sandy Balls, a long-established holiday centre in New Forestmarker, Hampshire, Englandmarker with a name dating back to Henry VIII
  6. Muffmarker, County Donegalmarker, Ireland (Not part of UK)
  7. Fingringhoemarker, Essex, Englandmarker
  8. Back Passage, City of Londonmarker, an alleyway in the EC1 postal districtmarker
  9. Shittertonmarker, Dorset, Englandmarker
  10. Slag Lane, Merseyside, a residential street in Haydockmarker, Englandmarker
  11. Hole of Horcummarker, North York Moorsmarker, Englandmarker
  12. Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshiremarker, Englandmarker
  13. Inchinnan Drive, Renfrewshire, Scotlandmarker
  14. Cockshoot Close, Oxfordshire, Englandmarker
  15. Funbag Drive, Watfordmarker, Englandmarker
  16. Fanny Avenue, Derbyshiremarker, Englandmarker
  17. Beaver Close, Surreymarker, Englandmarker
  18. Dick Court, Lanarkshiremarker, Scotlandmarker
  19. Felch Square, Powysmarker, Walesmarker
  20. Lickfold, West Sussexmarker, Englandmarker
  21. Rimswellmarker, East Riding of Yorkshire, Englandmarker
  22. Spanker Lane, Nether Heage, Derbyshiremarker
  23. Cocknmouth Close, West End, Surreymarker
  24. Friars' Entry, Oxford, Oxfordshire, Englandmarker
  25. Butt Hole Roadmarker, Conisbroughmarker, South Yorkshiremarker
  26. Cockermouthmarker, Allerdale, Cumbriamarker
  27. Fine Bush Lane, Ruislipmarker
  28. Ladygate Lane, Ruislipmarker
  29. Hornyold Road, Malvern, Worcestershire, Englandmarker
  30. Crotch Crescent, Marston, Oxfordmarker, Englandmarker
Other entries include North Piddle (from the Old English word pidele, meaning marsh), Pratt's Bottommarker, Ugleymarker, and Spital-in-the-Streetmarker (a hamlet in Lincolnshiremarker with a name based on the Middle English spitel, meaning hospital). Gropecunt Lane in Oxford has been renamed "Magpie Lane".

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