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Rugbymania is a browser-based MMOG online free managerial game inspired by rugby union, its name is sometimes abbreviated as RM.

Created in September 12th 2005 by a Frenchman transplanted in northern Europe, by November of that year it exceeded one thousand teams and, in 2009, it featured about 7000 virtual trainers from every corner of the world.

The game

After registration, the user is assigned a team of 25 virtual players: 13 forwards (one aged 18, one 19, one 20 and so on up to 30) and 12 backs with the same criterion, up to a maximum of 29. Upon registration the new player is assigned the spot belonging to the best team not managed at the time in his/her chosen country (not necessarily the player's country of residence), usually a team that has been abandoned by its previous owner. Along with the team, the new player also has a stadium big enough to accommodate 6200 people and 50,000 Euro (or the equivalent in the currency of the chosen country). It is possible to start with the league already in progress, while to the Cup are admitted only the teams that were already registered at the start of the season.

The aim of the game is to manage the players, the market, the stadium and in general the whole economy of the team with the final aim to win the League and be promoted to the higher level.

The championship

Each Pool is organized with 10 teams; in the highest tier (Top 10) there is only one Pool, the second tier has 3 Pools, the third tier has 9, the fourth 27, the fifth 81 and the sixth 129 (only in Italymarker and Francemarker). Each team plays against all its Pool opponents twice (home and away) and at the end of the season the teams in the 8th, 9th and 10th position are relegated to the lower tier, while the winners of each Pool will be promoted to the higher tier. Only in the fifth tier the two lowest placed sides will be relegated, while in the sixth tier in addition to the winners the 33 best second are also promoted. The three best placed sides in each pool also receive a small cash prize. Each season lasts exactly 19 weeks (18 league and 1 break), i.e. nearly five months. Currently (June 2009) the eleventh season is underway.Nations with not enough active players to start a competitive league are merged in Supernational Leagues grouped by geographical proximity.

The National Cup

All participating teams that have already played for a whole season play in National cup. Depending on the number of participants, the best teams might be admitted directly to the second round.

National teams

Each country in the game has a National Team guided by a coaching staff, one head coach and two assistant coaches, elected by the playing members of every nation for two seasons. The staff of each National Team has to identify the most interesting players amongst those reported by the managers of the clubs and prepare the best lineup for friendlies and World Cup.The first edition of the World Cup is scheduled for the eleventh season. Based on the matches played, an international ranking is drawn and constantly updated.

Hall of Fame

Season Edition 1st place 2nd place 3rd place
11 1 - - -


Much of the success of the game is due to the many translations of the website, the languages featured are:


To achieve success, the player needs to manage both the technical-tactical and the economic aspect. Each player has different physical qualities and technical abilities; an automated system assigns every new player 8 skills with different values to help the manager choosing their role. Such skills can be improved through a training system with 6 individual slots (with limits for under 21 and under 26 players), 1 for team training and 1 a "diet department". When setting up the lineup of a team it is possible to set up replacements and to pick some tactical "instructions" for the most important roles.

A team can also be improved through the market, buying and selling players.

There is also the possibility of open a Academy where it is possible to train two players, one 16 and one 15 years old, that will join the team when they are 17.


The Rugbymania website features a popular forum and a internal mail system. There are different forum sections for all languages. In many countries were also created external forums to allow debates about the virtual game but also on the "real" game . As for other online games, it is possible to purchase a support package, called Rugbymaniac, which is not compulsory but that features some utilities like tables to help tracking the training, the possibility to organize unofficial tournaments, the possibility to set up automatic line ups and further team customizations.

The countries with the highest number of active leagues are France and Italy (the only two countries featuring 6 tiers), followed by Argentina, Romania, Hungary, England, Spain, Brazil and Portugal, while in the internal forum Catalan and Italian are the most uses languages, as well as English.

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