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Runaway Bride is a 1999 romantic comedy film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere and directed by Garry Marshall. While not as successful at the box office as the previous movie the three made together (also guest starring Héctor Elizondo), Pretty Woman, the movie was, nevertheless, a hit among moviegoers. It eventually earned over $152 million at the U.S. box office.


Julia Roberts plays Maggie Carpenter, a spirited and attractive young woman who has had a number of unsuccessful relationships. Maggie, afraid of being married, has left a trail of boyfriends. Indeed, she's left three men waiting for her in church on their wedding day (all of which are caught on tape), receiving tabloid fame and the dubious nickname "Runaway Bride".

Meanwhile, in New Yorkmarker, reporter Ike Graham (played by Richard Gere), writes a column about her that contains several factual errors. He's fired for it and then decides to write an in-depth article about Maggie in a bid to get his job back. He travels to Hale, Marylandmarker, where he finds her living with her family and on her fourth attempt to become married. The fourth groom-to-be is Bob, a football coach at the local high school who treats Maggie like a mental patient.

After Ike forces Maggie to face her fears, the two find themselves becoming more and more attracted to each other. In the meantime, Maggie is still set to marry Bob, and so does her best to ignore her feelings for Ike. The situation in Ike's corner is similar; being divorced once himself, he's looking for love as well, but knowing that Maggie must make the decision to be with him over Bob, he does his best to stay out of it.

In the midst of the wedding rehearsal, Bob stands in for the priest, and asks Ike to stand in his place as the groom. This proves to be a mistake, when Ike and Maggie "practice" the kiss right in front of Bob. As a result, Bob punches Ike in the face before storming out of the church. Soon after, Ike and Maggie agree to marry since the wedding is already set to take place.

But on the day of the wedding, Maggie gets cold feet, and leaves Ike, too, standing at the altar. As she rides away on a FedEx truck, Ike runs after her, but can't catch up. Maggie talks to Peggy.

Later, when Ike returns to New York, he finds Maggie making friends with his cat, Italics. Maggie then explains why she's been running and "turns in" her running shoes just before proposing to Ike. The two are married in a private ceremony outside, on a hill. In the end, they are shown riding away on horseback.


Production History

The film was in development for over a decade. Actors attached at various times: Anjelica Huston, Mary Steenburgen, Lorraine Bracco, Geena Davis, Demi Moore, Sandra Bullock, Ellen DeGeneres, Téa Leoni (for the role of Maggie); Christopher Walken, Harrison Ford, Mel Gibson, Michael Douglas (for the role of Ike) and Ben Affleck (for the role of Bob). Director Michael Hoffman was attached. Writers Elaine May and Leslie Dixon did unused rewrites.The theme song is untitled Before I fall in love and sang by Coco Lee


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