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Sønderborg County.
The entire province became part of South Jutland County in 1970.

Sønderborg County ( ) is a former province in Denmarkmarker, located on the island of Alsmarker and the easternmost part of South Jutland. Sønderborg County was established in 1920 following the reunification of Denmark and South Jutland following the Schleswig Plebiscites. It was dissolved in 1970 when it merged with three other counties to form South Jutland County. Sønderborg County corresponded geographically to the former Prussianmarker Kreis Sonderburg.

After Denmark surrendered control over Schleswig to Prussia and the Austrian Empiremarker in 1864, the Schleswig island of Ærømarker was transferred from Augustenborg County to Svendborg County and the island remained Danish. The rest of Augustenborg County was merged with Sønderborg and became Kreis Sonderburg. Sønderborg County and Aabenraa County merged in 1932, forming Aabenraa-Sønderborg County.

1970 administrative reform

Sønderborg County was dissolved in the 1970 administrative reform and the former county became six new municipalities belonging to South Jutland County:

List of former hundred (herreder)

  • Als Nørre Herred
  • Als Sønder Herred
  • Nybøl Herred

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