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A STOLport or STOLPORT is an airport designed with STOL (Short Take-Off and Landing) operations in mind, normally having a short single runway. The term does not appear to be in common usage as of 2008. Several attempts were made from the late 1960s to the early 1970s to create STOLports in the United States in the New York Citymarker and Los Angeles, Californiamarker areas, none were apparently successful. La Guardia Airportmarker operated a STOL runway starting in 1968, which was dubbed the La Guardia STOLPORT. The Victoria STOLportmarker also failed in Montrealmarker, Canadamarker. Walt Disney World Resortmarker also had a STOLport for a short period. At one point in 1968 a STOLport was under consideration for a roof top in Manhattan. In the early 1970s, a study was conducted to help the FAA to determine if it was necessary to create an elevated STOLport test facility. The International Civil Aviation Organizationmarker (ICAO) defines STOLports as "unique airports designed to serve airplanes that have exceptional short-field performance capabilities."

STOLports in the United States

In the United States, STOLports are one of several types of facilities, they are identified with an S at the end of the site ID. For example, Calvert Peak STOLportmarker is listed as FAA site number 19448.1*S. As of January 2009, around 80 facilities are coded as STOLports by the FAA in the United States. According to the FAA, in 1968 twenty-five potential STOLport sites were identified in the Northeast Megalopolis. The first US STOLport for commercial operation was commissioned August 5, 1968 at La Guardia airportmarker and was available for VFR use only. Logan International Airportmarker opened an STOL runway September 20, 1968 for use testing Eastern's Breguet 941 shuttle on east coast routes. The first officially designated STOLport was opened October 17, 1971 at Walt Disney Worldmarker. Prior to that date only portions of facilities were designated STOLports. Plans at the time called for an interstate STOL transportation system. On July 26, 1972 the FAA V/STOL office was renamed to the Quiet Short-Haul Air Transportation System Office refocusing it and reflecting public concerns about noise created by smaller more numerous STOLports as opposed to larger airports. The Quiet Short-Haul Air Transportation System Office was eliminated June 11, 1974.

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