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Saab AB is an aerospace and defense company based in Swedenmarker.


"Svenska Aeroplan AB (aktiebolag)" (Swedish for "Swedish Aeroplane Limited") (SAAB) was founded in 1937 in Trollhättanmarker, with the merger of SAAB and Linköpingmarker based ASJA. The headquarters moved to Linköping. The style "Saab" replaced "SAAB" around 1950.

Originally manufacturing airplanes, the company sought ways in which to diversify its business and in the late 1940s began manufacturing automobiles. The Saab Automobile division was based in Trollhättan. The first car was the Saab 92001 on 10 June, 1947. The company soon developed a reputation for safe and reliable automobiles, with a notable competition history.

In the late 1950s Saab ventured into the computer market with Datasaab. The company was a result partly of the need to make a computer that would be small enough to mount in an aeroplane as navigational equipment. During the 1960s several computers were developed and sold to European countries (used in e.g. banking). The aircraft computer (CK 37) was used in 1971 in the Viggen. The company was sold in 1975 to Sperry UNIVAC, while Saab retained its flight computer development.

In May 1965, the company name was changed to Saab AB to reflect its broad range of activities. In 1968 Saab AB merged with the truck maker Scania-Vabismarker, and between 1969 and 1995 the company was called Saab-Scania AB. General Motors bought 51 percent of the automobile division Saab Automobile in 1990, and acquired the rest a decade later.

During changes in company ownership in the 1990s, the company name once again became Saab AB.

In 1995 Saab Military Aircraft and British Aerospace (now BAE Systems) formed the joint venture company Saab-BAe Gripen AB, to manufacture, market and support Gripen internationally. This co-operation was extended in 2001 with the formation of Gripen International for the same purpose.

Since 1998 the British aerospace company BAE Systemsmarker has been the largest shareholder in Saab following its acquisition of a 35% stake from Investor AB by its predecessor, British Aerospace. In January 2005 BAE reduced its shareholding to 20%. Investor AB also maintains a 20% share. Investor AB hold 38% of the voting rights and is, with the other Wallenberg institutions, the majority owner.

In October 2008 the company announced its intention to merge its operations with that of Simrad Optronics. The new unit will develop high-tech optronics products and will be headquartered in Norwaymarker, although other details of the new arrangement have not been finalized..

Aircraft production

The main focus of aircraft production is fighter aircraft. Saab has been making airplanes since the 1930s, and the purely jet predecessors to the Gripen were the Tunnan, the Lansen, the Draken and the Viggen. The last civilian models made by Saab were the Saab 340 and Saab 2000. Both were mid-range, turboprop-powered, passenger planes. The development and the manufacturing of these airplanes takes place in Linköpingmarker, Swedenmarker.


Defence and Security Solutions

  • Saab Aerotech, support solutions, technical support for aircraft ground systems and servicing of Saab aircraft.
  • Saab Communication, communication solutions for defense and civil security.
  • Saab Grintek (70.3%), telecoms infrastructure (radio, microwave, multimedia IP, WiMax, etc), tactical communications, logtronics, network design.
  • Saab Systems, decision support systems.
  • Saab Surveillance Systems, airborne early warning systems.
  • Combitech, consultancy services.

Systems and products

Saab B 17A



Military aircraft

Civil aircraft


Image:SAAB B 18B, 01.jpg|Saab 18B (B 18B)Image:Saab 105 Sk60A-1.jpg|Saab 105 (SK 60A)Image:Lansen 2.JPG|Saab 32 Lansen (J 32B)Image:Saab 91C 01.jpg|Saab 91C (Sk 50C)Image:J 29F.jpg|Saab 29 Tunnan (J 29F)

Image:Viggen.JPG|Saab 37 Viggen (SF 37)Image:Crossair Europe - 001.jpg|Crossair Europe Saab 340BImage:Saab340AEW&C.jpg|Saab 340 with Erieye radarImage:Golden Air SE-LTX 20071020.JPG|Saab 2000

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  • MacPhail, Doug and Östberg, Mikael. Triple Crown BT-9: The ASJA/Saab Sk 14, A Pictorial Essay (in English/Swedish). San Josef,BC/Dundee,Ont: DCF Flying Books, 2003.

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