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Saeed Emami ( ; also known as Saeed Eslami, and Mojtaba Ghavami; 1959 – 1999) was the deputy minister of intelligence under Ali Fallahian, and an intelligence officer under Ghorbanali Dorri-Najafabadi. He was charged with having independently organized assassinations of dissidents.

Emami was born in Shiraz, Iranmarker as Daniyal Ghavami in a wealthy family of Jewish background. He spent several years in the United Statesmarker pursuing his studies in Mechanical Engineering and after the Iranian Revolution, he returned and became involved in intelligence gathering. In 1984, when the Majlis of Iran (the Iranian Parliament) approved the establishment of the Ministry of Intelligencemarker, he officially applied for a job, but was rejected by Saeed Hajjarian. He later joined the ministry, and during the tenure of Ali Fallahian, became the deputy of the ministry.

In 1999, after being charged of orchestrating the Chained Murders, he reportedly committed suicide in prison by consuming a strong chemical depilatory while bathing. Iranian dissidents are reported to believe "he was murdered in order to prevent the leak of sensitive information about MOIS operations, which would have compromised the entire leadership of the Islamic Republic."

All the subsequent information has for source an article at CNN.com1 His uncle was very influential in the then Royal family and was a representative in the USA, his uncle organized a state sponsored scholarship for Daniyal to study in Washington.

Iranians know that every individual receiving such a scholarship had to commit themselves to cooperate with the SAVAK to make reports on the Confederation of Iranian students in the USA who were mostly socialists in their political orientation.

Nevertheless after the revolution and shortly after the referendum upon which the Islamic Republic was declared. Daniyal returned to Iran and applied for a job at the Prime Ministerial office in Iran, his name was not Daniyal Ghavami anymore, he was employed as "Saeed Emami" in what was known in Iran as "Herassat" ( Ministry of Information still did not exist in Iran).

A now famous individual called Saeed Hajarian met him accidentally in one of the Prime Ministerial corridors and immediately tried to stop him and made endless efforts to have him expelled from his duties, because of his family background and the fact that he actively cooperated with the SAVAK (the secret police of the Shah), before the revolution.....however without success but he did manage to make an entry in his personal file, that he ought never to become managerial and decision making positions.

In 1983, the Islamic Republic of Iran combined all its intelligence networks and branches from Sepah, Army, Herassat and Committee and formed and founded the Ministry of Intelligence,and with a new Boss called "Rey-Shahri", Saeed Emami's star began to rise and he became the deputy manager of the East/West affair department of the Ministry.

The second Minister's name was Fallahian and he had a reputation of being very active, aggressive and effective, during Fallahian's responsibilty, Saeed Emami became the deputy manager of Security matters, which was one of the key positions in the ministry. Considering all the above mentioned information one could say that Saeed Emami was a fourth grade agent... third grade if we are generous.

However, he became a key figure in the notorious Chained Murders of some intellectuals and political dissidents that shook the Iranian society, we jump ahead and pinpoint him in a safe-house in Tehran after he was picked up by security personnel of the Ministry. He considered it all a mistake and tried to clear matters up in which he gave a 970 side testimony on 18 cassettes.

He was probably not aware of this but through this unbelievably thorough testimony he actually signed his own death warrant, he admitted to many murders and he named his team, but he said he was simply carrying out orders he was supposed to do. In page 384 he was asked who gave the orders, he said Fallahian gave most of the orders, Gholam-Hossein Mohseni Ejei, Mesbah and Khazali also had issued orders.

There were death orders on approximately 100 individuals, that had to be carried out and we were organizing and carrying them out systematically. He kept insisting that these people should be called and they will confirm the legitimacy of this actions...... at some other point he was asked, if he had any doubts about the actual legitimacy of the orders.... and what he answered was in my opinion the last nail in his coffin.

He said, he did become a bit doubtful, when upon reporting to Fallahian that Mr Ahmad Khomeini (Khmoneini's son) was being despicably impudent about Ali Khamenei the leader of the republic in his gatherings, I was ordered to observe his every move, we did that for a year, he went on and added, it was obvious that Mr Ahmad Khomeini was up to no good, we reported this to Fallahian and he issued his death order.... at that point he said, I became doubts but the order was later confirmed when I went to meet Messbah and Ejei in that meeting it was decided that no mercy shall be shown to anyone showing disrespect to the Vallie Faghieh leader of all Moslems (Khamenei)...

Saeed Emami was informed he is finished and he should make himself available in arranging his transfer from his confinement in a hospital to help him end his life, in which case his family shall be taken care of and supported (reminds one of Godfather II),but that is exactly supposed to have happened, he threw himself from the stairs , without success and then he tried taking in some hair removing substance , which worked and he was moved to "Loghman Hospital" in Tehran, there his organs were spooled and he was to be released the next day, but during the night he suffered a cardiac arrest.

Fallahian denied ever to have issued any such orders and moved back to Qom, where he is teaching. According to a statement from Ms. Saeed Emami was very close to Ali Khamenei, his son and heir Mojtaba Khamenei. "Saeed Emami accompanied Mr. Khamenei’s family during the last two months and was living with them. They became so close that Mojtaba, Khamenei’s son and Haddad Adel’s son-in-law, and his mother-in-law became very fond of him and Mojtaba would call Saeed every often, before his arrest, and would ask Saeed to visit him."2

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