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Salernitana Calcio 1919, commonly referred to as simply Salernitana, is an Italianmarker professional football club from Salernomarker, Campania. Founded in 1919, Salernitana have spent the vast majority of their history bouncing between the Serie B and Serie C levels of Italian football. The club will compete in Serie B for the 2009–10 season. On April 27, 2008 they mathematically won the league title of Serie C1, thus ensuring a place in Serie B for the 2008–09 season.

In their earliest years, Salernitana competed in the Italian Football Championship when it was competed on a regional basis, they played at this level for four seasons during the 1920s. Since that time the club returned to the top level of Italian football twice; they played in Serie A during 1947–48 and 1998–99.

Salernitana, who wear an all-maroon kit, have had several name changes since they first appeared in 1919; one was after a merger with Audax Salerno. The most recent change was in 2005, when the club went bankrupt but were refounded by Antonio Lombardi. However, they were forced to give up their Salernitana Sport name for the present one.


Unione Sportiva Salernitana was founded on 19 June 1919 by Adalgiso Onesti, who initiated the merger of an older club using the same name; which itself was founded in 1911 by a merger of four local clubs; and Foot-Ball Club Salerno.

The club was known as Società Sportiva Salernitanaudax for a time during the 1920s. It can be argued that Salernitana's best period as a club was 1997-1999. In the 1997-98 season, Salernitana topped Serie B and gained their second promotion to Serie A (first was in 1947-48). A young Marco Di Vaio led the scoring charts with 21 goals. In the 1998-99 season, their first in Serie A after 50 years, Salernitana fought hard and were led by Cameroonian international Rigobert Song and Salvatore Fresi in defense, a young Gennaro Gattuso in midfield, and Marco Di Vaio and David Di Michele leading the attack. They recorded surprise wins against Inter, Juventus, Roma and Lazio. Unfortunately, they finished 1 point shy of salvation and were relegated.

Since then, the club did not manage to return back to the top flight, and was excluded by Serie B in 2005. A new club, who started back from Serie C1, was then established. In 2008, Salernitana finally returned back to Serie B as Serie C1/B champions.

Current squad

Notable players

Presidential history

Below is the complete presidential history of Salernitana, from when Adalgiso Onesti was first in place at the club in 1919, until the present day.
Name Years
Adalgiso Onesti 1919–1920
Renato De Crescenzo 1920–1921
Settimio Mobilio

Raffaele Schiavone
Settimio Mobilio 1922–1923
Adalgiso Onesti 1923–1924
Settimio Mobilio

Carmine Caiafa
Antonio Conforti

Vittorio La Rocca
Pasquale Pinto 1928–1929
Luigi Conforti

Enrico Chiari
Giovanni Negri

Enrico Chiari
Enrico Chiari 1931–1933
Riccardo Gambrosie 1933–1934
Enrico Chiari 1934–1936
Savino Mione 1936–1937
Giuseppe Carpinelli 1937–1940
Eugenio Saligeri-Zucchi 1940
Matteo Scaramella 1940–1943
Name Years
Felice Del Galdo 1944–1945
Domenico Mattioli 1945–1948
Marcantionio Ferro 1948–1954
Roberto Spirito 1954–1955
Michele Scarmella

Achille Lauro
Carmine De Martino 1956–1957
Giuseppe Tortorella 1957–1958
Matteo Guariglia 1958–1960
Leopoldo Fulgione 1960
Pasquale Gagliardi 1960–1963
Antonio D'Amico

Michele Scozia
Michele Scozia 1964–1965
Michele Gagliardi 1965–1967
Giuseppe Tedesco 1967–1972
Americo Vessa

Alfredo Caiafa
Americo Vessa

Giovanni Benvenuto

Cesare Trucillo
Americo Vessa 1974–1975
Name Years
Pietro Esposito 1975–1976
Pietro Esposito

Aldo Matera
Enzo Paolillo

Giovanni Benvenuto
Enzo Paolillo

Vincenzo Grieco
Antonio Ventura

Federico De Piano

Vincenzo Grieco
Filippo Troisi 1980–1982
Antonio Scermino 1983
Arcangelo Japicca 1983–1985
Augusto Strianese 1985–1987
Giuseppe Soglia 1987–1991
Franco Del Mese 1991–1994
Aniello Aliberti 1994–2005
Antonio Lombardi 2005–president

Managerial history

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Salernitana have had many managers and trainers running the team during their history, here is a chronological list of them from 1919 onwards.
Name Nationality Years
Vincenzo Giordano 1919
Raffaele Schiavone 1919–1921
Toledo 1921–1922
Ciminari 1922–1923
Alfonso Guasco 1923–1924
Willy Kargus 1924–1925
Bellone 1925
Venturini 1927–1928
Barone 1928
Finizio 1928–1929
Apicella 1929
Géza Kertész 1929–1931
Luigi Leone 1931–1932
Mora 1932
Ivo Fiorentini 1932–1933
Walter Colombati 1933–1934
Imre Schoffer 1934–1935
Buratti 1935
Armand Halmos 1935–1936
Ferenc Hirzer 1936–1938
Francesco Hansel 1938–1939
Attila Sallustro 1939
Béla Karoly 1939–1940
Ferenc Hirzer 1940–1941
Géza Kertész 1941
Antonio Valese 1941
Giuseppe Viani 1941–1943
Milite 1944
Antonio Valese 1944–1945
Vittorio Mosele 1945
Ferenc Hirzer 1945
Giuseppe Viani 1945–1947
Pietro Piselli 1948–1950
Arnaldo Sentimenti 1950
Walter Crociani 1950–1951
Rodolphe Hiden 1951–1952
Carlo Ceresoli 1952–1953
Enrico Carpitelli 1953–1955
Saracino 1955
Antonio Valese 1955–1956
Saracino 1956
Paolo Todeschini 1956–1957
Enrico Carpitelli 1957
Giovanni Varglien 1957–1958
Nicolò Nicolosi 1958–1959
Vittorio Mosele 1959
István Mike Mayer 1959
Pietro Piselli 1959–1960
Ettore Puricelli 1960–1961
Di Gennaro 1961–1962
Gyula Zsengellér 1962
Piero Pasinati 1962–1963
Rodolphe Hiden 1964
Riccardo Carapellese 1964–1965
Rodolphe Hiden 1965
Rosati 1965–1966
Oscar Montez 1967
Guido Settembrino 1967–1969
Pietro Magni 1969
Sergio Piacentini 1969–1970
Edi Gratton 1970
Rosati 1970–1971
Giancarlo Vitali 1971–1972
Giunchi 1963–1964
Nicola Chiricallo 1972–1973
Franco Viviani 1973–1974
Ettore Recagni 1974–1975
Giacomo Losi 1975
Guido Settembrino 1975
Massimo Giacomini 1975–1976
Ottavio Bugatti 1976
Carlo Regalia 1976–1977
Lucio Muiesan 1977
Carlo Facchin 1977
Enea Masiero 1977–1978
Lucio Muiesan 1978
Rosati 1978–1979
Franco Viviani 1979–1980
Antonio Giammarinaro 1980
Gigante 1980
Lamberto Leonardi 1980–1981
Antonio Giammarinaro 1981–1982
Romano Mattè 1982
Francisco Ramón Lojacono 1982–1983
Marino Perani 1983
Mario Facco 1983–1984
Gian Piero Ghio 1984–1986
Giorgio Sereni 1986
Carmelo Russo 1986–1987
Claudio Tobia 1987–1988
Roberto Clagluna 1988
Carlo Soldo 1988
Giancarlo Pasinato 1988–1989
Lamberto Leonardi 1989
Giancarlo Ansaloni 1989–1991
Gianni Simonelli 1991–1992
Tarcisio Burgnich 1992
Giuliano Sonzogni 1992–1993
Delio Rossi 1993–1995
Franco Colomba 1995–1997
Franco Varrella 1997
Delio Rossi 1997–1999
Francesco Oddo 1999
Adriano Cadregari 1999
Luigi Cagni 1999–2000
Adriano Cadregari 2000
Francesco Oddo 2000–2001
Nedo Sonetti 2001
Zdeněk Zeman 2001–2003
Franco Varrella 2003
Stefano Pioli 2003–2004
Aldo Ammazzalorso 2004–2005
Angelo Gregucci 2005
Maurizio Costantini 2005–2006
Stefano Cuoghi 2006
Raffaele Novelli 2006–2006
Gianfranco Bellotto 2007
Andrea Agostinelli 2007–2008
Fabio Brini 2008–
Bortolo Mutti 2008–
Fabrizio Castori 2008–2009
Fabio Brini 2009–present

Colours, badge and nicknames

Salernitana originally wore light blue and white striped shirts, known in Italy as biancocelesti. The blue on the shirt was chosen to represent the sea, Salernomarker the city lies right next to the Gulf of Salernomarker and has a long tradition as a porting city. During the 1940s the club changed to their current and most recognised maroon coloured shirts, which has gained them the nickname granata in their homeland.


Serie B:
* Winners (2): 1947–48; 1997–98

Serie C / Serie C1:
*Winners (2): 1937–38; 1965–66; 2007–08
*Runners-up (2): 1989–90; 1993–94

Coppa Italia Serie C:
*Runners-up (1): 1980


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