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In Hindu mythology, Sampati (Sanskrit: सम्पाति, sampāti) was one of the two sons of Aruna and was the brother of Jatayu. Sampati lost his wings when he was a child

Sampathi and Jatayu got involved in competition in childhood of reaching the sun first. Sampati flew ahead and burnt his wings. He fell down near the sea shore.

Sampati proved instrumental in Seeta's search later on in Ramayan. His role comes when the search party sent to the south, Led by Angad with Hanuman and Jambhvan, exhausted, thirsty and depressed, reach to the southern end of the land. They have the endless sea before them, and still no clue of Seeta. Disappointed, everybody just collapses on the sand, unable as well as unwilling to move or act any further. Suddenly, they all hear a voice which says - "I will feast today. I shall be ever grateful to God for having such delicious meal walk to my doorsteps all by itself". Everyone looks in the direction of the voice, and see a huge vulture progressing towards them slowly, saying these words. At that moment, Jambhvan says - "Life is so ironical. One is this vulture, who is planning to eat this disappointed lot, too exhausted to defend themselves - and defeated in this search for Seeta Mata; too guilty even to wish to live any further. And one was that Vulture Jataayu, who gave his life trying to save Seeta Mata from the clutches of Raavan."

The vulture froze as soon as he heard the word "Jataayu". " Jataayu? Did you say Jataayu? What happened to him? Please tell me." Jambhvan told the story of Jataayu and his bravery. The vulture's eyes were moist at the end of the story. His throat choked; he said - "My name is Sampati. Jataayu was my brother. It has been ages since I have heard of any news from him. I hear a news now - news that he is no more!" Then, collecting himself, he says - "I am grateful to you, Sir! You have brought me the news of my brother. I shall return this favour. This lady Seeta you are searching so fervently for; I know where she is."

Everybody jumped as soon as he said this. They listened with utmost concentration, as Sampati continued. " 100 Yojan from here is Lanka, the Kingdom of Ravan. Some days ago, I had seen him flying in his Pushpak, landing at Lanka with a beautiful lady with him, forcibly being taken into Lanka and banished in one of the Vatikas. I now know after listening to your story, She was seeta."

"Good you gentlemen came. Now she will be remedied of her agony. Everyday, I used to watch her, sitting beneath that tree in that vatika - distraught, waiting for someone. Her wait will end now."

Jambhavn asked - " It seems from your words that you .. You can see her !!" "Why, Of course I can!" Sampati said. "We - descendants of Garuda, are blesses with very superios vision. I am old now, but still, 100 Yojans in not much for me."

Griddhraj Parvatmarker, situated in Satna district in Madhya Pradeshmarker, is believed to be the birthplace of ‘Sampati’.

Sampati and Jatayu’s Competition

When both the brothers Sampati and Jatayu were young they had great powers. Once they decided to go and touch the sun. They flew up and up in the sky and due to sun’s hot flames Jatayu the younger brother asked his brother that he can no longer go and want to return to the earth and Sampati saved his brother by spreading his own wings and thus shielding Jatayu from the hot flames. Jatayu returned but Sampati did not reurn and lost his wings in sun’s hot flames. Sampati lived wingless for the rest of his life.


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