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San Miguel del Padrón is a municipality in Havanamarker city, Cubamarker. It is one of the 15 municipalities into which the city is divided. It is on Havana's south-eastern outskirts, stretching from Ciudad Mar to Diezmeromarker and from Reparto Mañana to Caballo Blanco.

This vast demographic area was unpopulated in the late 40s, with small pockets of wealthy and land owners. It became heavily populated during the early 60s with the emergence of Corea (name given to a stretch of terrain clandestinely occupied by the homeless after been evicted from the main city areas) and new houses along the main street (Calzada de San Miguel). By the mid 60s the town became administratively adjacent to Guanabacoamarker.

San Miguel has been notorious for musicians, professional dancers and afro Cuban religious practitioners (Santeria, Lukumi, Palo). During the early 70s it was judicially declared one of the most troublesome towns in Havana due to a high degree of black market goods and comestibles.


In 2004, the municipality of San Miguel del Padrón had a population of 159,273. With a total area of , it has a population density of .

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