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Sandline International was a private military company based in Londonmarker, established in the early 1990s. It was involved in conflicts in Papua New Guineamarker in 1997 (having a contract with the government under the then Prime Minister Julius Chan) causing the Sandline affair, in 1998 in Sierra Leonemarker (having a contract with ousted President Kabbah) and in Liberiamarker in 2003 (in a rebel attempt to evict the then-president Charles Taylor near the end of the civil war). Sandline ceased all operations on 16 April 2004. On the company's website, a reason for closure is given:

Sandline was managed by former British Army Lt Col Tim Spicer. Sandline billed itself as a "Private Military Company" (PMC) and offered military training, "operational support" (equipment and arms procurement and limited direct military activity), intelligence gathering, and public relations services to governments and corporations. While the mass media often referred to Sandline as a mercenary company, the company's founders disputed that characterisation. It has been rumored that some, if not most of Sandline's personnel, are now part of Aegis Defence Services company.

Tim Spicer recounted his experiences with Sandline in the book An Unorthodox Soldier.

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