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Sandy Mouche is a Swedishmarker band from Lundmarker, Skåne Countymarker, southern Sweden. It consists of songwriter- and singer couple Martinique and Helena Josefsson, and the brothers Per (drums) and Ola (guitar) Blomgren. On live shows they bring a bassist and a pianist. They sing in English and French.

Sandy Mouche was born ...(2001)

Sandy Mouche was created in the fall of 2001. Helena and Martinique were on holiday in Cretemarker, Greecemarker, with Per (who had played with Helena in other bands for six years) and his girlfriend, Hanna. Martinique played his song, "A Year" for the group. It was then that they collectively decided to form a band.

Searching for a name, they were inspired by their surroundings: Back on the beach, Per played with the hot sand and shouted "sandy!" Helena looked at her friends, and noticed they all had a mouche on their faces. The name clicked, to the band it sounded like a woman's name, about whom they would make up stories. Following the name was the idea to sing in both English and French. According to the band, they picture Sandy Mouche as "a young woman who lives in every band member making sure we stay on the right track". Per's brother Ola joined the band shortly after.

The E.P. (2003) and White Lucky Dragon (2004)

The band recorded demos in Per's bedroom, and in a studio along with Danyal Taylan, who would play the bass from then point until 2004. Sandy Mouched recorded and released an EP, which they sent to producer Christoffer Lundquist, whom the band felt to be "the perfect collaborator". Sandy Mouche decided they would release their first album, White Lucky Dragon (2004) on their own label, Magpie Music. White Lucky Dragon was released in Swedenmarker and Japanmarker.

... and poems for the unborn (2006)

...and poems for the unborn is the band's latest album, and it was self-financed, with Playground Music Scandinavia and Junk Music handling the distribution. It was recorded and mixed over a 10-day period. Unlike the first album, the songwriters wrote separately for their second album, which resulted in a more diverse release than their debut, counting ABBA, jazz, disco, pop, and even children's music among its influences. According to the band, they made the kind of album they would like to buy themselves.

Future plans

Since 2006, Helena Josefsson, Martinique Josefsson, Per Blomgren and Ola Blomgren have been working in solo projects, although Sandy Mouche will probably record a new album soon, according to Helena and Martinique. They have also made some promotion of …and poems for the unborn with gigs in France and Switzerland.

On February 28, 2007, Helena Josefsson released her first solo album, Dynamo, produced by Christoffer Lundquist. Helena has worked with Per Gessle (Roxette), The Ark, Righteous Boy, Swan Lee, Andreas Johnson, Sebastian Karlsson, Gyllene Tider... . Dynamo does not break the Sandy Mouche project: in fact Martinique Josefsson and Per Blomgren have been working in Helena's solo project (in the studio and/or in the gigs).

Since September 2007, Sandy Mouche is recording a new album. They are recording in Per Blomgren's house, so the album will be produced by themselves. The album has been put on ice since the member has been working in solo projects. Helena Josefsson is working in a new album and Martinique toured Europe with his own songs as the support act during Per Gessle's Party Crasher tour in 2009.



  • Sandy Mouche (spring 2003) - ep
  • White Lucky Dragon (September 2004) - just in Swedenmarker and Japanmarker
  • ...and poems for the unborn (January 2006) - in Swedenmarker, Belgiummarker and Australia


  • Cherry pie (2003) - promo
  • C'est pas juste (2004) - promo
  • Papillon (2004) - promo
  • Une histoire (2005)
  • In the sand (2005)
  • Spiderweb suit (2005)
  • Papillon (2006) - Promo in France
  • Evening Wake, Morning Flake (December, 2006) - Radio in Belgium.


  • Cherry pie (dir. Johan Tholsson)
  • C’est pas juste (dir. Per and Ola Blomgren)
  • Papillon (dir. Jeffry Rich)

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