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Sargodha ( ) is a city in the Sargodha Districtmarker of Punjabmarker province, Pakistanmarker. It is located in northeast Pakistan. It is 8th largest city of Pakistan and also known as Pakistan best Citrus producing area. It is an agricultural trade centre with various industries. Sargodha is one of three "planned cities" in Pakistan (the other two are Faisalabadmarker and Islamabadmarker).

Pakistan's largest airbase, Mushaf Airbasemarker (formerly Sargodha Airbase), is situated in Sarghoda and hosts the headquarters of the Pakistan Air Force's Central Air Command. The airbase is also home to the Combat Commanders School (CCS), formerly the Fighter Leader's School, an elite training facility for training Pakistan Air Force pilots in fighter tactics and weapons.


There are several theories as to the origins of the name. It may be derived from the Sanskrit Svargadhāma, meaning Heavenly Abode although this would have resulted in Punjabi Sargdham. Sargodha may be derived from a legend about a pond where an old Hindu Sadhu Godha used to live, as the Punjabi word for pond is Sar: Sargodha might translate to "the pool of Godha". However, Punjabi would reverse the order of the component words (for example, Amritsarmarker means "the pool of nectar." The etymology must lie in Sar + Godha, with Sar being the adjective and Godha the noun.


Sargodha was a small town at the beginning of the British Empire but, due to its geographical location, the British Royal Air Force built an airport there. It took on greater importance after the Independence of Paistan for the Pakistan Air Force. Shahpur, which is now a tehsil of Sargodha Districtmarker, was the district at that time. Most parts of the tehsil Sillanwalimarker and Kirana Hillsmarker region were part of Jhangmarker district and were included later during the British Raj in the Sargodha district.

The 1965 war with India on September 6, 1965 meant the city was a prime target for India, due to the city close proximity with the neighbouring rival. The citizens of Sargodha supported the Pakistan Army against the advancing of the Indian Army into Pakistan. In 1966, recognising this bravery, the Government of Pakistan awarded the city of Sargodha as well as Sialkotmarker and Lahoremarker with the award of Hilal-E-Istaqlal.

The city also has a Pakistan Air Force base within its city. The PAF Base Sargodha now known as PAF Base Mushafmarker, named after the late Air Chief Marshal Mushaf Ali Mir, a former Chief of Air Staff of the Pakistan Air Force. The strategic location of the base has allowed the Air Force to carry out experimental work within the city.

Geography and climate

Sargodha is the 8th largest city of Pakistan. It is located 172 kilometres northwest of Lahoremarker, in Sargodha Districtmarker. It lies about 30 miles from the M2 Motorway which connects Lahoremarker and Islamabadmarker. it is connected to motorway M2 by several interchanges at different locations. Sargodha is roughly 60km from Faisalabadmarker due South east. Directly east connected by the M2 motorway is Lahore and the route to Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Due east is the city of Jhangmarker and towards the west the city of Mianwalimarker and the Chashma Barrage. Dera Ismail Khanmarker is located 50 km from the city and towards the south west region from the city.

Sargodha mainly comprises flat fertile plains, which are the ideal conditions for cultivation of the land. There are a few small hills on Sargodha - Faisalabadmarker Road. River Jhelummarker flows on the Western and Northern sides and river Chenabmarker on the eastern side of the city. The city has extreme hot and cold climate. The maximum temperature touches 50C in the summer while the minimum temperature recorded is as low as freezing point in the winter.


Until divisions were abolished in the year 2000, Sargodha was also divisional headquarters of Sargodha Divisionmarker. Sargodha is the district and tehsil capital - the city of Sargodha is administratively subdivided into 22 Union councils. In October 2008, the division system in Punjab Province has been restored which meant Sargodha became the divsional headquarters of Sargodha Districtmarker, Khushab District, Mianwali Districtmarker and Bhakkar District.


Sargodha is largey an agricultural and industrial city. The vast fields on the city have allowed the farmers to develop a range of crops and animal breeding programs. Some of the main crops include citrus, wheat, rice, and sugar cane which are exported to the other cities as well as internationally. Besides, Jawar, Bajra, Moong, Mash, Masoor, Gram and Oil Seed such as Rape / Mustard are also grown in minor quantities in the district. Citrus fruits such as oranges (locally known as kinnows), Guavas and Mangoes are main fruits grown in the district. As well as Jaman, Pears, Dates, Pomegranate, Phalsa and Almond are also grown in minor quantities. Turnip, Onion, Cauliflower, Potatoes and Tomatoes are main vegetables grown in the district. The main livestock for the city include goats, sheep, buffaloes and cattle.

Even with agricultural goods being the major income generator for the city as well as the district. The economy and industry has been diversifying itself to generate more demand for other goods which can be manufactured and produced in the city. Other industrial markets include: Beverage, manufacture of diesel engines, electricals, foundry products, glass products, leather footwear, oil mills, pesticides, insecticides, poultry feed, plastics, readymade garments, tannery as well as textiles.


Sargodha has several institutions of higher education and several research centres and Local Sargodha University:
  • Army Public School and College Sargodha Cantt.
  • Acme College of Excellence
  • Progressive Public School and College
  • Allama Iqbal Open University
  • Fazaia Model Inter College
  • Air Base Inter College
  • University of Sargodha
  • ITM College Sargodha (Affiliated with Punjab University Lahore)
  • Punjab college of Sargodha
  • Superior College Of Commerce
  • Northwestern Theological Seminary
  • Sargodha Medical College,Affiliated with Sargodha University
  • Dar-e-Arqam Model School & College Affiliated with Sargodha & Fedrel Board Islamabad
  • Govt. College Of Commerece Sargodha Faisalabad Road Sargodha


Punjabi is the main language of the people. Urdu and Siraiki are also widely spoken.


  • Express News Bureau Office: Express News/The Daily Express/Express 24/7 Bureau chief: Nadeem Khan Sub Editor: Ghulam Muhammad
  • Radio Pakistan Sargodha (FM 93 MHz Band),Club Road Sargodha.
  • FM Sunrise (96 MHz) Most popular, also plays Indian and western music, Aziz Bhatti Town Sargodha.
  • FM Bhalwal (104 MHz) Most popular in Punjabi and classical music, Tehsil Bhalwal District Sargodha.
  • Pakistan Television Islamabad centre terrestrial transmissions at VHF and UHF band routed from Sakesarmarker rebroadcast centre.

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