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 is a city located in Nagasaki Prefecturemarker, Japanmarker. As of 2009, the city has an estimated population of 252,698 and the density of 694 persons per km². The total area is 364 km². The locality is famed for its scenic beauty. The city includes a part of Saikai National Parkmarker. Located in the southern part of the city is the Dutch theme park Huis ten Boschmarker.


The area of present-day Sasebo was a rather insignificant fishing village under the control of nearby Hirado Domain until shortly after the start of the Meiji period. Imperial Japanese Navy Admiral Togo Heihachiro, when surveying the coasts of northwestern Kyūshū for the of a navy base, selected his location based on its protected, deep-water harbor, geographic proximity to Chinamarker and Koreamarker, and the presence of nearby coal fields. Sasebo Naval Districtmarker, founded in 1886, became the major port for the Japanese navy in its operations in the First Sino-Japanese War and Russo-Japanese War, and remained a major naval base to the end of World War II. Along with the base facilities, the navy also constructed the Sasebo Naval Arsenal, which included major shipyards and repair facilities.

Sasebo City was founded on April 1, 1902. The city suffered severe damage by bombing during World War II. After the end of the war, part the base facilities were taken over by the United States Navy, forming U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo. Some parts of the base are shared with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

The city was the site of the Sasebo slashing, the murder of a young girl in 2004, which received considerable media coverage.

A planned merger of municipalities will be implemented around March 31, 2010; the Kitamatsuura District municipalities of Emukaemarker and Shikamachimarker will merge into Sasebo.


Shipbuilding and associated heavy industries continue to dominate the economy of Sasebo. Adjacent to the naval base is the Sasebo Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. shipyard. Sasebo Stationmarker is the westernmost station in the JR passenger train system. The US Navy Seabees have been a big impact on the civil engineering of this city.

Sister city relations

Sasebo has sister-city relations with three places outside Japan and one within the country.

Points of interest


Image:Sasebo99IslandsSunset2A.jpg|Sunset at the Ninety-nine islands in SaseboImage:SaseboHarborDaylightA.jpg|Sasebo Harbor from Mt. YumihariImage:ToraToraToraTowerA.jpg|Radio tower from which the "Climb Mt.marker Niitakamarker" message was broadcastImage:SaseboKoma1582.jpg|Tops like this one are popular souvenirs of Sasebo.Image:Obon albuquerqe bridge.jpg|Illuminated by the Albuquerquemarker Bridge, Japanese volunteers place luminarias into the Sasebo River during the Obon festival.


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